Auto Insurance Guide Archive for April, 2011

  • Stop Lending Your Car or Your Auto Insurance at Risk

    by Hayden Krueger

    Do you lend your car to your friend, coworker, neighbor, or just anyone else? If you care about your auto insurance policy, you need to stop it right away. Any person who carries the vehicle and not a part of the original policy poses a serious risk. Doing so is a sure way ticket to convert your existing affordable insurance coverage into an expensive policy should the car gets into an accident.

    There is no question about you being the safest driver on earth. However, can you assume that the person driving your car right now has the same qualities or road behaviors as you do? If the car gets into an accident and someone is injured, hurt or killed, prepare yourself to answer any liabilities and the probability that your insurer will not cover all the expenses incurred during the accident. Common sense would tell us that if this … Click here to read more

  • How to Compare Auto Insurance Rates Effectively

    by Hayden Krueger

    We have been told a million times that if we want to save money on auto insurance, we do not need to settle right away to the first company we come across with. To do that, all you need is a little time, patience, and your desire to get cheaper rates.

    When we say auto insurance comparison-shopping, we mean that you have two or more insurance quotes at hand that you can compare and contrast in terms of coverage and prices. If you do it online, you would not have any difficulty in doing so because there are literally tons of insurance providers ready to furnish free insurance quotes at any time of the day. All you need to do is to fill out their online form, and in a matter of minutes, you got yourself the insurance estimates delivered in your inbox right away.

    Once you have the insurance … Click here to read more

  • Insurance Tips for Unpredictable Year Ahead

    by Hayden Krueger

    It seems that life is like a roller coaster ride. Today you are on top, tomorrow nobody knows. However, such uncertainties should not be the reason for anyone to grind at halt. What we need to do that, is to look at life as a challenging journey, taking one step at a time, reversing what seems to be a gloomy world as we go along our different ways.

    It is true that life is unpredictable but we can do something about it to secure our families or even ourselves from any possible misfortunes. One way to do that is to invest on car insurance coverage. It is a wise decision; one of the best investments that you will ever do for the rest of your life.

    Car insurance coverage will protect you from any unnecessary financial losses due to accidents or thefts. If you think that buying auto insurance is … Click here to read more

  • Simple Things to Remember When Looking For the Best Auto Insurance Rates

    by Hayden Krueger

    If you are like everyone else who is looking for the best value for their money, keep reading because in this article, we are going to hash out sure-fire ways to determine if such insurance coverage is the best for you and within your budget range.

    Many people these days are living on monthly paychecks. This means that they could not afford to purchase coverage such as comprehensive or collision that will provide them with the total protection they need in order to drive safely and securely.

    However, that does not mean that you will settle down on a cheap insurance coverage that is almost worthless the day you will need it. Mind you, with a little effort and time, you will soon find what you are looking for. The important thing to remember about auto insurance is that you need to lock in on a perfect coverage for a … Click here to read more

  • Couple of Things You Want To Know About Non-Owners Auto Insurance

    by Hayden Krueger

    If you do not have any idea or want to take advantage of non-owners auto insurance, it is best to spend time to read this article first before taking the plunge. Numerous types of insurance products are available in the market today. However, non-owners auto insurance coverage is one of the least understood type of policy in terms of coverage and limitations.

    Many people believe that this policy will protect them from all types of road disasters. But this is not true simply because non-owners insurance is not a comprehensive nor collision type of coverage. In terms of coverage, it is only usable to pay for the injuries or property damages of the third party in case of an accident where you are the responsible driver. The amount that can be covered is indicated in your policy limits.

    The reason why non-owners auto insurance exists is the fact that not … Click here to read more

  • Understanding Risks in Using Low Cost Insurance Coverage

    by Hayden Krueger

    You may have been told that in order to find a low-cost car insurance coverage, you need to do some serious comparison-shopping to find which company is offering the best coverage at a reasonable price. However, in reality, this type of policy is more than just the shopping itself. In fact, insurance companies are known to put a lot of weight on your driving history above anything else.

    Some statistical and predetermined factors include your age, residence, and gender. Yes, they are going to affect your rates, but it’s good to know that you can do something to reduce it, by buying insurance online as well as maintaining a speckless driving record.

    Having said that, knowing the tips below can help you lock in to a desirable low cost insurance policy.

    First, learn to avoid over speeding. Ticketed for overspeeding is an absolute eyesore and raises some red flags among … Click here to read more

  • Ten Useful Tips to Find that Cheap Car Insurance

    by Hayden Krueger

    If you are like everyone else who is looking for that cheap car insurance, you are on the right spot. In this article, we are going to discuss 10 of the most common ways to lock in the desired insurance coverage at a reasonable price. Here we go.

    1. Work on your mileage. Mileage is a very important factor when it comes to auto insurance. The higher your mileage, the more time spent on the road, therefore, the higher the chances of getting into an accident. If you can limit your annual mileage, the chance is higher to find a cheap insurance coverage.

    2. Do not forget to shop around. We have been telling this method ever since we started this website. If you want the best deals or promos in your insurance, do not settle to a single insurance provider without going around, shopping for that particular coverage. Do … Click here to read more

  • Online Insurance Coverage: Yet Another Way To Save Cash

    by Hayden Krueger

    If you are spending a hefty bill on your insurance coverage simply because you relied on some insurance agents, it is now high time to take advantage of the new technology and use online insurance purchases. Although this idea can be overwhelming, but in reality, making purchases using the Internet is really that simple. So, hopefully after reading this article, you will realize how using the Internet can save you big bucks.

    Many people are now using the Internet to purchase not only auto insurance coverage but also other commodities or services such as books, cellular phones, airplane tickets, tropical getaways, and so on. If you have not taken the plunge yet, now is the time to do that.

    So why do you think people are now using the Internet to get what they need? Is there something that they know that you do not know? Are they enjoying some … Click here to read more

  • Insurance comparison on will save you money

    by Hayden Krueger

    It is a fact that insurance rates are continuing to rise each year, which makes sense to look for ways to save money on insurance rates by choosing coverage that is within your budget range. So how do we exactly do this? What are the things that we need to understand or look into to be able to know that this particular type of coverage is good for us? Actually, we have identified four factors that you might want to consider when deciding for your affordable auto insurance policy.

    Choosing between direct insurer or insurance agent

    Direct insurer means that you do not deal with insurance agents but instead buy the policies directly from the insurance provider. For many years, we have relied on insurance agencies or agents who carry multiple types of insurance from home, auto to life insurances, and expect them to deliver these policies to our doorsteps. … Click here to read more

  • Budget Car Insurance: Will It Save You Money?

    by Hayden Krueger

    Most of us are looking for ways to save money including the money we spent for auto insurance. If this is the case, budget car insurance may come in handy. This will allow you to get the same coverage and protection and at the same time reduce your auto insurance expenses each year. If you do not drive a car, you might not need insurance. However, if you drive a car (even if it is a rented car) insurance is a necessity and a requirement not only to protect yourself but also to your passengers and other motorists. Insurance will give you the peace of mind and financial protection. Regrettably, finding a low-cost or affordable insurance coverage these days is rather difficult.

    To help you out, below are some tips that we have compiled for you to locate budget deals easily, discounts, or promotions that may work well within your … Click here to read more