Auto Insurance Guide Archive for June, 2010

  • The Troublesome Search for the Right Car Insurance

    by Hayden Krueger

    Not all people have the same needs. Every person’s needs depend on the lifestyle they are into. Same goes to car insurance policies. Your friend’s insurance policy may be very good according to him. But remember, the term very good is applicable to him because his premium is meeting his needs. And sad to say, your needs will be different from him.

    How can I find the right auto insurance for me?

    This is the most common question that we usually hear from those who are looking for car insurance. Most common question yet there are many possible answers that you get coming from different individuals.

    A car insurance agent may suggest a good one, but remember that he is working for a company therefore his idea is expected to be on the side of the company.

    Your friends may suggest another insurance policy. Taking a closer look, your friend’s … Click here to read more

  • Understanding Rental Car Insurance

    by Hayden Krueger

    If you have difficulty in buying a new car, you might opt to rent a car. But getting proper auto insurance for a rental car is a process full of uncertainty and confusions.

    Should I get policy from the rental company? Does my policy cover rented vehicles? Am I covered if I use my credit card to rent the car? All of these are questions that come to mind when thinking about obtaining auto policy for a rental car.

    To help you answer these questions, take these steps so that you will understand the basics of rental car insurance.

    The first important step before renting a car is to see your current auto insurance coverage and with your credit card companies. You should determine what kind of rental auto policy you already have in place. Having some background knowledge before you enter the process with renting a car is very … Click here to read more

  • Important Things to Do when Filing a Car Insurance Claim

    by Hayden Krueger

    Having trouble regarding how to do an auto insurance claim? This is something no one ever wants to do. This would mean that your car needs to repair or replaced. Getting into accident can surely be stressful. The following steps below will help you go through the process of filing an insurance claim.

    The very first step you should do is to think carefully if you really need to file a claim.  It is risky to file a claim, even if it is not your fault or when your car is stolen.  This is because your company will still see you have more risks, and they will raise your rates when you file a claim.

    Remember also that whenever your car has a minor damage, it is not worth filing a claim. You just pay the deductible. It will not increase your premium.

    Second step is to call your auto … Click here to read more

  • Essential Factors That Determine your Insurance Rates

    by Hayden Krueger

    What are some factors that could influence your car insurance rates?  Knowing these factors could help you find ways to lower your rates.

    If you are deciding to buy new car, you should care for the monthly payment of your policy.  New cars are more valuable than use but they may pose higher rate.  They are taken as higher risk vehicles as newer cars are stolen more often than older ones. It will also cost much more for repair in case of accident.

    Remember also that luxury cars can only be repaired or serviced by dealerships. Buying a used car rather than a new one can save you money not only in the purchase price, but in years of insurance premiums.

    Aside from getting used car, your credit history will affect your car insurance.  Companies will get first your social security number when you ask for a quote. They do … Click here to read more

  • Some Important Considerations To Know Regarding Car Insurance Costs

    by Hayden Krueger

    Dreaming of low cost car insurance? 

    This is possible. But before that, there are a lot of considerations for the price of your policy.  

    First is, companies will look at your driving record, as well as where you live and drive and your car. If you have good driving record and drives at low risk area will help you get lower rate. 

    Second thing to remember is that there are also state-specific rules that might affect rates. If you paid $1,000 for car insurance in Iowa and then moved to Silicon Valley, you could pay two or three times more for the same coverage. Living in California will let the customer pay higher premiums. There are lot of traffic, accidents, auto thefts and related risks of loss in this state.

    Auto insurance companies of every state have also minimum insurance requirements. These are only minimum requirements that would only satisfy … Click here to read more

  • Car Insurance Debate: Women are Better Drivers than Men?

    by Hayden Krueger

    Many an auto insurance company actually believes that women are safer and more responsible drivers than men. Such companies consider women as better insurance risk and can therefore benefit from lower insurance premiums.

    However, it is also true that there are a lot more factors that affect insurance premiums other than gender. In fact, being a male or a female per se does make higher or lower premiums. It is actually their tendencies as a driver.

    There are some contributing factors that might pose a greater accident risk for males, according auto insurance specialists. One is overconfidence of male drivers. This is why they often do showing off while driving in the road. Some men do not recognize safety precautions of driving because of high self-belief.

    Male drivers were also found out to do excessive speeding than women. It is maybe due to their attitudes as active and aggressive. Most … Click here to read more

  • Getting Car Insurance and Availing Discounts for Teenagers

    by Hayden Krueger

    One of the most popular dreams of teenagers is to get their own car while on college. But owning a car means purchasing car insurance. This is required for you to stay protected against great financial loss for the teenager’s parents.

    Just like older car owners, there are requirements needed in filing for a student policy.  Both parents ands their teenagers can also find ways to avail discounts for their policy.

    Companies will ask for the personal information of the teenager driver. Age and gender will be known.  They will also investigate the future client about his/her the driving history, driving frequency and distance. Even the location of the vehicle and its damage history are known. This essential information also applies to all other applicants.

    Age is important because the younger the driver is, the higher the premium will be. Older drivers are perceived by car insurance companies to be … Click here to read more

  • Motorcycle Insurance 101

    by Hayden Krueger

    People who want to have motorcycles as their main mode of transportation should have knowledge on motorcycle insurance. This article discusses important points to note in motorcycle indemnity.

    Motorcycles, similar to cars, are also in need of insurance. This is because it is still a vehicle required to have insurance before it can be taken out for a drive legally. Just before you rev up that motorcycle and hit the highway, you are required motorcycle insurance.

    Car insurance companies have noticed the great increase of number of motorcycle owners and drivers so they have created a division in which motorcycle enthusiasts are prioritized with the special policies for motorcycles. But the method is still the same and motorcycle owners are still assessed in two categories of criteria: the intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

    Here are the intrinsic factors:

    First time owners of motorcycles must have awareness that the condition of the … Click here to read more

  • What your auto insurance company is hiding from you

    by Hayden Krueger

    The model of car you own affects your insurance premium

    Most people are aware that expensive cars attract higher premiums, but they aren’t aware that some old cars can also attract a high premium. Cars which are popular amongst burglars and thieves are high on the list of cars that are expensive to insure too; be sure to ask your insurer if your car is in this list before you buy a used car.

    Monthly payments attract installment fees

    An average customer is very pleased with the option to may their insurance premium in monthly installments and will not be bothered to ask if there are any financial implications if he or she chooses to pay monthly installments instead of one big lump sum annual payment. The fees can vary from company to company and you should always ask them what your liability will be should you opt for a … Click here to read more

  • What you need to know about buying insurance through a broker

    by Hayden Krueger

    Auto insurance brokers can be very helpful in your quest for the ideal insurance policy, however most experts suggest you don’t buy insurance thorough one, why?

    The good

    Auto insurance brokers can take all the hassle out of shopping for insurance and make the whole process relatively stress free for you. You don’t need to do the running about and locate quotes and bargain for discounts etc.

    This can be especially helpful if you run a business and are looking for business auto insurance, are insuring a family or a group of friends or colleagues under a group policy. In such group policies there is a bit of paperwork to be taken care of with regards to each person’s requirements, cover, extent of cover, and payment plan. An insurance agent can ease things for you and get all the ground work done at no cost to you. Insurance agents get … Click here to read more