South Carolina Auto Insurance Discounts


While it is mandatory to carry auto insurance in order to drive on the highways and roads where you live there are some things you can do about the increasing costs. Each state has its own mandatory requirements but when you start adding in additional coverage, your insurance premiums could raise up accordingly. Here are some discounts that are available in the state of South Carolina that will help reduce some of those costs. Check with your insurance carrier to see if they include any of the following savings.

A Multi Car Discount

It is a safe bet that you could get a discount by insuring more than one car on your policy. If you are a two car family and there are at least two or more people at home who drive, ask your insurance agent if this discount is available. The vehicles must be primarily driven by you and/or residents of the household.

Safe Driving Discount

Most automobile insurance companies will give a discount to their safe drivers. In order to be eligible for this discount you have to have a clean driving record for at least the past three years. This means no moving violations or accidents that were your fault. Some companies will even escalate this discount with every additional year that you go without an accident or traffic violation.

Defensive Driving Classes

If you attend and complete a defensive driving class you could reduce your premiums on the three major liability coverages, property damage, bodily injury and personal injury. The discount will apply as long as the insurance is for a private vehicle and the main person or people who operate the vehicle successfully complete the state approved class.

Good Student Discount

Here is a win/win situation. You do well at school and you save on your insurance. If you are a full time high school or college student under the age of 25, you may be eligible for a discount if you get good grades and keep them up. The requisites are you must be ranked in the upper 20% of your class, have a grade average of B or higher, have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher or have made honor roll or the dean’s list. This program may also available for are home schooled but proof of eligibility is required.

Combining Your Coverage

Most insurance companies would love to cover all of your insurance needs. You might be able to receive a discount if you bring your life, health, homeowners and/or rental insurance to their company. And having everything under one roof makes it easier to keep track of.

Safety Devices and Anti-theft equipment

If you have factory installed driver side airbags, and passenger side airbags, you can get a discount. The same is true if you have an alarm system, a LoJack retrieval system or any anti theft device that will deter potential thieves from breaking into your car.