Rhode Island Auto Insurance Discounts


The state of Rhode Island has made auto insurance mandatory like many other states around the country. Proof of insurance has to be carried every time a person is driving. The driver can have his license revoked if he is found driving without proof of insurance. The state of Rhode Island works on the tort system. According to this system, in case of an accident, one person has to be found responsible by the law. This person will then assume full responsibility for the accident and pay for the damages he might have caused. Therefore, carrying insurance to ensure you can pay for damages is of paramount importance.

The minimum liability has been fixed by the state of Rhode Island. It is of the form 25/50/25. The state of Rhode Island has a fixed a minimum liability of twenty five thousand dollars for bodily injury per person per accident. The minimum liability in total is fifty thousand dollars in total per accident. It also requires a mandatory twenty five thousand dollars for property damage. Bodily Injury will cover any medical costs to the injured and any loss of wages. Property damage will cover any damages to properties including cars, buildings, lamp posts and fences.

Now that insurance is mandatory and you will have to consider it, you might realise he sums of money involved are quite large. Moreover, the minimum liability is often not enough to cover charges. This means your policy must be for larger sums of money than the minimum fixed. It would really help you if you could get some discount. There are many ways to avail your self of an auto insurance discount.

The first step would be to buy correct. Compare many different vendors and do not hurry. You can save a lot of money by comparison shopping. Go through different vendors and ask for their quotes. Choose the one best for you.

If you already have health or life insurance with a company, buying a car insurance from them makes sense.  They are bound to offer you a discount. You can also get a discount, if you have two or more vehicles and you register all of them with the same insurance company. You can save a lot of money because of the multiple vehicle discount. You can also get a discount if you have had a spotless driving record for the past few years. The driving record will show you are a great driver and the insurance will be reduced.

IF you take a driving education class conducted by the DMV, you will get many points and this will help you get a discount. Usually, young drivers are charged high premiums. However, if you have a good student in your house, you can get the good student discount. This will also work as an incentive to ensure the student keeps his grades up. If you have bough a car make it safe. Buy anti theft devices and other safety devices. Yu can also buy air bags and automatic seat belts. This is bound to get you a discount.