New Mexico Auto Insurance Discounts


The State of New Mexico has imposed strict rules and regulations on its motorists. These rules have to be adhered to without fail. Any violation of the code will attract penalisations. Auto insurance is very important in the state of New Mexico. You are not allowed to drive your car without proof of insurance. If found driving with our proof of insurance, you could be fined three hundred dollars or more.

The state of New Mexico has fixed the mandatory minimum liability at twenty five thousand dollars per person for bodily injury and a total of fifty thousand dollars per accident for bodily injury. If there is any property damage, there is a mandatory liability of ten thousand dollars. If there has been damage to the vehicle, property damage would cover it. It would also cover replacement if it is deemed necessary. If there has been damage to other property including poles, fences or even buildings, property damage covers it.

Getting minimum liability is mandatory and you have to get it.  However, getting an auto insurance policy might work out cheaper than you think. This article gives you a few tips on how to avail yourself of some discounts.

Do your research. Do not be happy with the first quote you get. Ask around and ensure you go the customer offering services at the best rate. You must also shop smartly. Buying every service that a company offers is foolish and unnecessary. Find out about every service and insurance cover a company offers and decide which ones you really need. Then go through all the different vendors and choose the best one. Maintain a clean driving record and drive safe. If you have had a good driving record for a long time, you are a safe driver and hence are low risk. The insurance premiums will be much lesser and you can save money. This discount is usually available to drivers who have had no record for the past five years. They must also hold valid driver’s license during that time. A bunch of rookie drivers do not qualify for this.

The DMV organises many driver education courses. These courses do cost you money but considering the amount you will be saving on you insurance policy, it is a great option. These courses can be taken on the internet as well. Age plays an important role in insurance policies. Statistically, a driver below the age of twenty five years is high risk. He will be charged higher premiums. However, an older person in excess of fifty years is considered to be very safe and they are not charged very high premiums. Students can avail discounts too. A student getting good grades will get a discount as an incentive to keep the grades up. If you have more than one vehicle, you can get these vehicles insured with the same company. You are bound to get a discount. You can also buy different kinds of insurance with the same insurance company such as life and auto or health and auto insurance. This will earn you a discount as well.