New Jersey Auto Insurance Discounts


Auto insurance is a pricey proposition, especially in a state like New Jersey where premiums are well above the national average. The best way to ensure your car insurance remains affordable is to shop around for the company that offers the best discounts and the lowest rates. This article will offer information about the many types of discounts that insurance companies might allow so you can save as much as possible on your next car insurance premium.

Car Discounts

The first place to look for auto insurance discounts in New Jersey is inside your own vehicle. Some makes and models of cars are typically cheaper to insure than others. For example, foreign sports cars that cost a pretty penny to repair will probably come with higher insurance premiums as well. By the same token, high profile vehicles that get noticed because of style and color are also more likely to get stolen or get moving violations issued to them. Because of this, those flashy sports cars tend to be more to insure. Instead, go for a quieter, non-assuming kind of vehicle that can get you an insurance discount simply by its make and color.

Another way to get discounts on your car insurance from your vehicle is to make a list of the safety features the car provides. Cars that boast extra airbags, anti-lock brakes and anti-theft devices tend to see savings in their insurance premiums. After all, these cars are less likely to see passengers seriously injured in an accident and will probably discourage thieves from breaking in and stealing them. Insurance companies like the lower risk factor and they will reward accordingly by providing discount for their insurance coverage.

If you already have a car that qualifies for some of these discounts, take a look at your insurance policy to see if they have already been factored in. If not, you can either renegotiate with your current insurance company for a better rate or shop for a whole new policy with a different company that is willing to offer discounts for these variables.

You can also save at the car lot by choosing a car that is traditionally less to insure. If you aren’t sure which cars are on the short list of cheaper insurance rates, ask at the car dealer which discounts a car might qualify for. By knowing about auto insurance discounts up front, you can find a vehicle that will not cost an arm and a leg to cover.