Massachusetts Auto Insurance Discounts


Car insurance is an expensive venture today, but there are ways to save on your premiums in Massachusetts. While a few dollars a month might not seem like much, the amount can add up considerably by the end of the year. Some discounts are well known, but others may be a bit less familiar. This article will provide you with information about a host of different discount possibilities that can provide ample savings on your car insurance coverage in Massachusetts.

How do You Drive?

What is the primary purpose of your car? Is it used primarily for business or pleasure? How many miles do you put on the odometer each week? The answers to these questions may disclose savings on your car insurance that you never thought of before. Most insurance companies offer low mileage discounts for drivers that don’t use their car frequently. If you take public transportation to and from your office in Boston, or primarily use your vehicle to get kids to after school activities, you just might be in for some serious savings on your car insurance.

What Type of Car do You Drive?

Not only are flashier sports cars more expensive to repair after an accident, they are also more likely to receive speeding tickets or other moving violations. Unfortunately, the type of attention a car of this caliber receives comes from law enforcement officials as well as the public at large. For these reasons, car insurance is more expensive for high profile vehicles than it is for those sensible family-friendly models. Think before you buy and you just might save on your car insurance from the get go.

Another factor in setting insurance rates is the features a car is equipped with. Cars that are well stocked with safety options like side air bags and anti-lock breaks typically enjoy discounted coverage. It is also a good idea to purchase a car with tracking devices and anti-theft systems in case the car is stolen. Insurance companies like these features as well, and will reward drivers of these vehicles with better premiums.

Who are You?

Are you male or female, young or old? Do you have a good driving record and stellar credit history? If you are a student, what is your grade point average? All of these facts come into play when determining car insurance rates. While you may not be able to control these variables, knowing what they are can help you shop for the best rates and get all the discounts you have coming to you.

Car insurance is expensive today, but discounts are abundant if you know where to look. With these tips in mind, you should be able to enjoy sufficient protection for a reasonable price.