Key tips that senior citizens can use to avail auto insurance discounts


Senior citizens are considered to belong to the high-risk group and hence the auto insurance premiums could be quite high. However, purchasing car insurance for senior citizens is very important. Although seniors are under a tremendous amount of risk while driving, it is virtually impossible to try and convince them to stay off the roads. After having years of experience in driving, most of the senior citizens don’t like to give up on their independence. Hence, the next best thing to do would be to ensure that they are adequately insured.

There are plenty of discounts that are available for senior citizens and all the relevant information can be easily obtained for the auto insurance companies or the insurance agents. It is important for seniors to assess their driving skills and enroll in a driver’s safety course. After due completion of the course, seniors can avail discounts while purchasing their auto insurance policies. There are two major benefits that senior citizens can derive by enrolling in these driving courses. The first advantage is that it will help in honing their driving skills and will also keep them as well as other motorists safe on the roads.

Insurance companies in general, like to give away discounts when the risk factor is reduced one way or the other. However, it is important to check with the company and avail details regarding the discounts that are being offered. The discounts might vary greatly between different companies.

55 alive is a course that is offered for the mature drivers via the local AARP. There are a number of insurance companies that offer discounts after completion of the 55-alive course or any other refresher driving course.

Seniors will have another chance at improvising on their driving skills. These driving courses help in creating awareness about the safety factors that seniors need to be aware of. The design of the vehicle is one of the most crucial factors for senior citizens. It includes many factors such as the ability to see the road, freedom of movement, and other unique physical limits.

There are a number of considerations while shopping for insurance for senior citizens. Since most of the senior citizens have fixed incomes, it is important to find out ways and means to get discounts for senior citizens. You can easily obtain information on auto insurance for seniors, from the state’s insurance department. Since auto insurance varies largely from one state to another, this information must be obtained according to the state.

Paying higher deductibles can help in saving a huge sum on auto insurance premiums. While shopping for auto insurance, you may drop unnecessary coverage such as comprehensive coverage or collision coverage in case the vehicle insured is an older model.

Installing safety devices in the vehicle can also help in availing discounts. So, ensure that the vehicle is fitted with all the safety devices such as airbags, anti-lock brakes, burglar alarms etc.

Seniors who drive around just twice or thrice a week can avail the low-mileage discounts as well, so they can take advantage of that as well.