Illinois Auto Insurance Discounts


Car insurance is a necessary evil for drivers today. However, that doesn’t mean you have to pay through the teeth to get decent coverage. Nearly every driver on the road qualifies for at least one or two discounts on their insurance premiums. The key is knowing the right questions to ask to ensure you get every savings coming to you. This article will give you some of the most common discounts available on car insurance and some you might not think of.

Personal Information

Your personal information discloses a lot to a car insurance company. They will determine risk factors based on your age, gender and even occupation. In general, those who are very young or very old will pay more for their car insurance. Men also tend to have higher premiums. Your occupation also plays a role in the cost of your car insurance. People who spend plenty of time on the road, like sales representatives, will probably face higher premiums than those who don’t.

Vehicle Information

High profile vehicles like that banana yellow Porsche will cost more to fix and may be a greater temptation for car thieves. That’s why cars in this category tend to cost more to insure. By the same token, if you are driving the same blue minivan that half of Illinois is driving, you may qualify for an insurance discount for your sensible family car. Cars well stocked in safety features and anti-theft devices also cost less to insure. Take all of the features of your car into consideration when shopping for car insurance to make sure you get all the discounts your vehicle deserves.

Off the Record

Status counts when it comes to car insurance, particularly when it involves your driving record, credit history or grade point average. Drivers without accidents or moving violations on their record usually qualify for a discount on their premiums. Insurance companies also look at people with poor credit as higher risk, so make your payments on time and monitor your credit report regularly for errors. If you have a good student on your insurance policy, make sure the company knows about his stellar grades. This could bring your premiums down as well.

By knowing the many options available in car insurance discounts, you can enjoy full coverage on the road without breaking the bank. Keep these tips in mind when shopping for your car insurance and you are sure to enjoy lower premiums with your next policy.