7 aspects on which auto insurance discounts are available


As inflation is rearing its head, everyone around is trying to save money wherever they can. Insurance premiums are one of the places where it is possible to lower your cost. Auto insurance premium is something that you can target. The key is to identify areas where you can negotiate for discounts with the auto insurance provider. By shopping around for good policies, you will also be better informed about the market rates. Here are some things where you can expect discounts from the insurance provider.

Senior citizen

If you are a senior citizen, with driving certifications, you will be less risky for two reasons. You are more responsible while driving and you are less likely to drive a lot, especially if you don’t commute to office anymore. Hence you can negotiate with the insurance provider for a discount.

Credit records

If you have an excellent credit history, you will get the best credit cards. But what you are not aware of is the fact that even insurance providers offer discounts for those with excellent credit history. Such car owners are perceived to be more responsible and usually pay their premiums on time.


If you are a housewife, who doesn’t have to go to office every day, you are most likely to get an auto insurance discount. Firstly, women are considered to be safer drivers and secondly, you are less likely to be involved in an accident, if you don’t commute to office every day.

Good students

Those who do exceptionally well at school or college can use their grades to save some money on insurance. Such students are considered to be less reckless and more mature.


If you own a fleet of cars, getting all the insurance coverage from the same provider will ensure that you will get a hefty discount on your auto insurance premium. This is because, with so many policies, you will be a preferred customer, whose business is important for the insurance provider.

Your car and your driving

If you haven’t been involved even in a single accident over the last 3 years, then you automatically become eligible for an attractive discount from the insurance provider. This is because, your clean driving record suggests that you are less likely to be involved in an accident and hence make frequent claims. Similarly, if your mileage is less than the average because you often stay out of station, or frequently use public transportation, you can ask for a discount. Less driving translates to lesser risk of an accident and hence of making a claim.

Car equipment

SUVs attract higher premiums because the cost of repairs and the chances of accidents are both high. On the other hand, a family sedan is considered to be safer and economical for repairs too. Moreover, you can get safety features like air bags, navigation systems, rear view and attention alerts, parking assistance features and anti theft mechanisms. These will make your car safer and hence you can ask for discounts.