What New Drivers Should Know


If you’re a new driver or planning to drive anywhere in the United States, you need to know some general points about auto insurance in order to drive legally around the country.

Apart from having health, home and life insurances, driving a vehicle requires you to carry auto insurance coverage. All states imposed this law but to varying degrees or minimum liabilities. If you’re caught driving without auto insurance, the result can be a major discomfort. Your vehicle will be seized, tickets or fines issued and possibly arrested. Hence, before driving any vehicle, make sure that the insurance documents are ready in case of sudden inspections.

If you own a brand new vehicle, obtain auto insurance first before hitting the road. In case where you’re not the original owner, request for transfer of policy from the original owner to yours. It should not be a difficult process as long as the insurance holder is the car’s owner himself.

You may have heard stories about the cruel prices of auto insurance coverage. However, this assumption does not apply to all drivers. For example, drivers with poor driving records or those having credit scores below the normal threshold usually pay high insurance rates.  This is all about risk management and the higher the risk tag, the more expensive the policy would be.

Finding affordable insurance in the past is a major pain in the butt. Luckily, today, if you know how to click the mouse button, you’re good to go. You just need to supply your location and couple of other information. In just a few minutes, you got yourself multiple insurance quotes from different insurance companies without a sweat. The Internet has truly revolutionized the way we do things these days.

You can purchase auto insurance as a single driver, as a married couple or even as a family with two or more drivers needing insurance. Majority of the insurance companies extend price relief particularly to student drivers with good grades. It’s also important to maintain a clean driving record all the time to quality for current and future benefits. In addition to that, some companies reward good drivers at the end of each year to encourage them to maintain their untarnished records.

If you were planning to purchase your auto insurance online, you would need to prepare the following: driver’s license number, vehicle features (color, make, model, and year), VIN number, driver’s record (history), name, address, contact number, income, etc. Other data might be needed depending on the type of your request.

Keep in mind that it’s illegal for anyone to drive a vehicle without proper insurance documents. This only creates tons of problems and discomforts to both you and your vehicle if you do so. Since everything is recorded these days, tickets and fines will stay in your file for many years. Insurers, having access to your records, could raise your premiums based on these violations.

Your driver’s licensed might be suspended or revoked, face hefty fines or possibly spend jail time. Cars having no insurance coverage are extremely risky not only to yourself but to the other motorists as well.