Ways to end up with the best auto insurance rates available in the market today


Every person wants a low cost high performance insurance coverage, even if they live in a city having the smallest insurance cost in the entire United States. Unfortunately, not all Americans do comparison-shopping or some aggressive techniques to find the best insurance deals in their localities. If you’re one of them, stop grousing about the price and follow our guidelines below to find your very own best insurance coverage.

Compare the rates – If you want to save money, find time to compare insurance quotes from different companies. This is a proven method not only when buying insurances, but also to every product that you want to purchase. Not all insurance companies are created equal, even if they are offering identical coverage. If it’s a new company you are dealing with, check the company’s reputation from online forums or from your local BBB if the service is reliable. You don’t deserve a cheap insurance if all they do all day is denying insurance claims.

Increase deductible – Choosing to personally pay a large portion of an accident would mean higher rewards. In fact, increasing your deductible from $250 to $1000 would entitle you to as much as 50% price cut of your current rate. A comprehensive insurance coverage with that price is, nonetheless, indulgent. Tuck in the saved money for unforeseen expenses and other emergencies that may come ahead.

Don’t report minor accidents – we have been told to report any kind of accidents to the police. However, if your insurance provider would hear such news, you will probably end up with skyrocketing fees. The good news is that you do not have to report that kind of accident, as long as both of you agree to settle all the expenses by yourselves, you are good to go.

Drop theft and collision coverage – this method is only applicable to older car models, which the said coverage is greater than the car’s worth. If you can drop them in favor of your state’s minimum requirements, you will save a good amount of money.

Ask for discounts if you have a low mileage – Nearly all insurance companies offer their policyholders this particular type of discount for having a low annual mileage. This will also encourage people to commute to work every day and to use the public transportation system. Just remember that your insurance company can find ways to determine your true mileage and could penalize you if you are lying about it.

Install safety features – We have been discussing this tip for a very long time, and we are doing it again. This means that if you install anti-theft systems, side airbags, break systems and so on, they will all count for a reduced premium rate. If you are not sure, contact your insurance agent and ask what particular type of devices will get you a bigger discount. 

Place of residence – If you have the option to move into a different city offering cheaper insurance rates, this will be beneficial to you. This is important if you were planning to move away soon, consider how much the insurance rates would be if you do so.

Group discounts – It is also possible to get a reduced rate if you are a member of a group or organization duly recognized by your insurance provider. Still, do not forget to compare insurance quotes from one company to another. Also, it is not advisable that you switch to another insurance company just for the sake of the discount you get. Try to analyze the benefits you are receiving from your existing insurer compared to a potential insurance provider.

Combined policies – Most insurance companies these days are also offering another type of coverage. If you are getting your home and life insurance coverage from one company, ask them how much discount you get if you are to add your auto insurance to your existing account. There is a big chance that your life, home, and auto insurance rates will go down.