Validating the authenticity of your auto insurance coverage


Making sure the auto insurance you are choosing to purchase is valid and real can be a tall order. With today’s technology there are many sites that offer really reduced prices and promotional deals. Some of these websites and companies are fraudulent, while others are real. So, how can you tell the good companies from the fake ones? Here is some information to help you to validate the authenticity of your auto insurance coverage.

Some factors to consider when trying to validate the authenticity of auto insurance coverage are what the auto insurance providers ask on their website. Most companies will ask for things such as car model number, zip code, etc. They will ask about yourself, your driving record, your experience. Most importantly of these is your driving record.

These are normal things to ask. If a website offering quotes isn’t even asking you for any information before giving you a price for auto insurance coverage, this should be a big red flag for you. After all, how can they price your auto insurance rates if they don’t know what you will need or how high or low risk you are? They can’t and are hoping to pull you into a scam with low rates and promotions.

If a website is asking for you to give them money upfront before they will give you a quote, then they are a fraudulent company. You are not yet their customers and therefore owe them no money. You are simply inquiring about a service and this should not cost you anything when it comes to auto insurance.

 Reputable companies will never ask for money for quotes, they will give you auto insurance quotes for free of charge. They want your business, but they want you to be prepared for what it will cost to go with them, so they will give you quotes for free.

A real auto insurance site will give you the free quotes, along with quotes from other top insurance providers, within minutes, without any cash up front. These sites will give you a confirmation form to fill out, however, before sending you the free quotes. This usually doesn’t take any longer than ten minutes.

If you want further validation of an auto insurance company’s authenticity, you can call up their local office and ask them to confirm all the information on the website you are viewing. If they fail to do so, they there is a chance there is a scam.

Another check for validation is to contact your local government office in control of the licensing of auto insurance companies. This office investigates and monitors auto insurance companies to make sure they are not scamming their customers and are living up to good business ethics.

If your company is not licensed with them, then any auto insurance you get from them isn’t real. If you get into an accident, there will be no auto insurance available to you to cover your costs.

Before you sign anything with any auto insurance provider, read all the fine print in their contracts. This can save you a lot of grief in the future if something in their contracts makes it so that they do not have to pay out your coverage in the event of an accident. Watch for those legal loop holes companies like to slip into their fine print.