Understanding Liability Car Insurance Coverage


Car insurance is a very useful thing in this day and age. If in the past, having one may somewhat be just a form of luxury or extravagance, it is now considered by many to be one of the major necessities of a person, specifically those owning a car. These days, more and more people already own a car, so you can never anticipate what can happen while you are on the road. Some people may get into accidents others simply need a replacement gear to ensure their safety while driving.

For some, typically those who already have or are planning to have car insurance, they want to understand more accurately the things related and comprise car insurance. And one of the basic things to understand that comprise car insurance is the insurance coverage.

An auto insurance coverage gives the exact details on where, when and what kind of situations does an insurance provider will insure you as a policy holder, meaning a motorist owning a car insurance policy. In other words, if you have insurance coverage that will only insure you in situations like situation (ex. accidents); you will not be insured by your insurance provider in situations like situation B (ex. fire and/or theft). In short, a policy holder like you is only insured on situations stated in your insurance coverage.

To help motorist like you, who are planning to have, to change or add a new auto insurance coverage, here is a type of coverage that will be properly explained in this article.

The Liability Insurance Coverage; it is a type of insurance coverage that is commonly required by the law on all states in the United States, meaning it is mandatory for every motorist to have. Note that there are some car insurance coverages that the law on every state requires, and there are also some car insurance coverages that most states recommend for additional protection and peace of mind.

Liability Insurance Coverage is a coverage that does not insure you, the policy holder, from medical and/or property repair expenses that you, your family or passengers, and your property may need in case of a accident. Rather it is to insure you, in case of an accident that you are at fault (at fault to an accident, meaning one who caused or is in blame to the accident), from all the medical and/or property repair expenses that the other party/s may need.

This coverage, depending on the insurance companies that may offer or provide, can be classified into two separate coverages or merged into a single one. And those two coverages under liability coverage are Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability Coverage.

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage is to insure you as a policy holder, in case of an accident that you are found to be at fault, from paying medical expenses to cure the other party/s that are injure on that accident. While the Property Damage Liability Coverage is for insuring you form the expenses for repairs on damaged property/s of the other party/s that are involved in the accident that again you are at fault.

Understanding auto insurance is easy, especially when you read a lot.