The Truth about Free Auto Insurance


If someone tells you that they obtained a free auto insurance coverage would you believe them? Are there such things these days? All good things in life are free, but as far as auto insurance is concern, I would have to say be wary when you come across one.

If you notice, almost everything requires something. While most companies advertise some of their products as “free,” but in reality you will end up paying something for them to take action of your request. Luckily, when it comes to insurance, it’s good to know that you can actually find free stuffs online such as free online insurance quotes. In fact, this website provides one.

We cannot underestimate the power of insurance quotes when deciding on auto insurance. It allows us to determine which company is the right company for our needs. It also helps us decide the right coverage and price to take. The best rates are not necessarily the cheapest ones and insurance quotes without a doubt, could be your lifesaver.

Free insurance quotes are not new products. For many years, insurance companies provide these resources to potential clients to help them in their decision-making. Unfortunately, getting one is pain in the head; drivers had to travel and visit the insurer’s office and wait for long hours in between priority numbers.

Things have changed and while free insurance quotes are still with us, we can get them through the Internet. It’s a lot faster, cutting the days or weeks of waiting into mere minutes. All you need is a computer with Internet connection and a website that offers free insurance quotes.

Pearl of Wisdom: Buying insurance policies online is a lot cheaper than the conventional methods. Insurance companies don’t need to pay people to take care of your order.

To get started, you need to fill out an online form. Don’t be surprised if you are being asked to provide identifying information such as your name, age, address, car model, etc. This is needed for processing and determining your insurance rates. Rest assured that this site wouldn’t spam or sell your information to other sites. However, steer clear from websites that require you to send your credit card information at this early stage. Common sense tells us that it’s irrelevant to send such information since this service is free.

Remember that the information you provide in the form will build your virtual profile and are crucial to provide near perfect calculations. Do keep in mind, Quotes are quotes and will likely to change overtime. Sending erroneous information yields incorrect results.

This information will then be sent out to the site’s supported companies. After a few minutes, a consolidated insurance quote will arrive to the provided email address. To narrow down your choices, pick two to three potential companies. If you must, you can visit each company and ask for additional details. Discounts or promos are usually unadvertised, and you need to ask them deliberately. Another way to reduce insurance rates is to buy your auto insurance from your current home or life insurer. Most insurers will gladly slash their rates in exchange for the trust and business you have with them. And don’t forget to install safety features or devices to your vehicle. That too could further bring down the insurance cost.