Ten Useful Tips to Find that Cheap Car Insurance


If you are like everyone who’s looking for that cheap car insurance, you are on the right path. In this article, we are going to discuss 10 of the most common ways to lock in the desired insurance coverage at a reasonable price.

1. Work on your mileage. Mileage is a very important factor when it comes to auto insurance. The higher your mileage, the more time spent on the road, therefore, the higher the chances of getting into an accident. If you can limit your annual mileage, the chance is higher to find a cheap insurance coverage.

2. Do not forget to shop around. We have been telling this method ever since we started this website. If you want the best deals or promos in your insurance, do not settle to a single insurance provider without shopping around for that particular coverage. Do not be afraid to try another insurance company because usually new customers can avail from discounted premiums. If you think that a potential company has the same qualities or reliability as your existing insurer, today might be the right time to move on and cut the cost of your existing coverage.

3. Increase your deductible. You will pay this amount (your hard-earned money) if you had an accident. Therefore, if you agree to shoulder for a certain amount, say $1,000, this will make you eligible for a reduced premium price.

4. No insurance claims discount. This is only applicable if you have no insurance claims for the past few years. Gradually, you will earn a no-discount bonus (NDB), which in five years or more will allow you to save as much as 70% off your premium price. Keep in mind that this type of discount is earned and is commonly rewarded to drivers with irrefutable driving manners.

5. Multiple car insurance. If you have two or more vehicles, you can still benefit from affordable auto insurance. What you can do here is to tell your current insurer that you are planning to combine the policies to save money. You won’t have problems if you do so since most insurance companies offer such a deal.

6. Work on your credit score. Majority of the auto insurers believes that policyholders having relatively low credit scores are also high-risk drivers themselves. Try raising your credit score to see a possible reduction in your insurance premiums overtime.

7. Choose an inexpensive car model. Most people have failed to realize that the model and make of a vehicle play a crucial during premium calculations. Therefore, one way to reduce the rate is to consider using safer and less fancy car models

8. Use the state’s minimum liability coverage policy. If your car is five years old or older, you’re better off using the minimum liability coverage over comprehensive or collision coverage. Again, if you honestly think that you will be able to replace your vehicle without insurance assistance, then liability only coverage is your best option.

9. Keep your license tidy. Try to avoid any types of road violations. It is best to clear your license from any tickets to increase your chances of finding affordable rates.

10. Use comparison-shopping websites. Obviously, it is a lot easier to use a single website that will consolidate five to ten insurance quotes from different insurance providers than physically going to the insurer’s office to ask for their quotes. By using their tools, you will be able to compare insurance coverage and prices with greater accuracy and simplicity.