Recreational Auto Insurance and its benefits


When people talk about auto insurance, the only thing that comes to their mind is their own car or vehicle that has to be insured. Obviously, this includes the liability insurance, theft coverage, travel trip insurance in some cases or collision damage insurance. Those who are employers and own a fleet of cars which are used as transportation for the employees, also take insurance for the same and get a healthy discount too. However, very seldom do we talk about other vehicles, although they are one of the more vulnerable vehicles for accidents, collisions or mishaps. These are the recreational vehicles.

What is recreational auto insurance?

If you own a recreational vehicle, it could be any of a large variety of vehicles including fishing boats, kayaking boats, canoes, campers or trailers, jet skis, motor homes, steam boats or water scooters. These vehicles come with two types of problems. Firstly, the chances of accidents in these vehicles are generally higher than the normal vehicles for which everyone goes for insurance. Secondly, these recreational vehicles are handled by so many people and in so many ways that their average life is much less and they are very likely to depreciate very fast. Also, the standards for safety are so high for recreational vehicles that you could use an old car on the road but cannot risk an old water scooter or trailer in the waters because you are dealing with other people’s lives here. Hence these are the perfect subjects for a whole variety of insurance policies to protect the owners of such vehicles.

Types of recreational auto insurance

Many people go with the basic insurance for recreational vehicle that will often not suffice. To be extra careful one might need to go for a whole package of insurance policies for a recreational vehicle and if possible try to get a discount on the overall premium. Total loss insurance is one of the most important ones where you insure your vehicle in cases of accidents or damage when it becomes totally dysfunctional. Some recreational vehicles are also insured for total value replacement where the insurance company, in the case of malfunctioning of the vehicle will replace it with a new one or provide the cost that was agree upon at the time of drawing the insurance policy.

Sometimes recreational vehicles like boats, trailers, campers or cruisers contain individual property too like furniture, clothing, equipment especially in deep sea fishing boats etc. In those cases you can go for personal property coverage to claim for losses you suffer due to loss or damage of such property. An important coverage recreational vehicles must have is the liability coverage. This is because, day in and day out, recreational vehicles carry other people and the claims would be high in case of a mishap, sometimes ruining the whole business unless insured properly.

If a recreational vehicle breaks down in the middle of nowhere, it might need towing, transportation and carriage whose charges can be recovered from the insurance company if there is a policy for the same. This can also be extended to include costs for transporting the vehicle from one place to another place at all times. Separate campsite liability coverage needs to be taken as a precautionary measure in case there is a damage or loss near the campsite.