Paying For Insurance Coverage by Installments


Many people cannot afford to pay the full price of insurance; therefore, the ability to send monthly payments is the most preferred option. This will allow anyone to receive the product or commodity for relatively low initial budget outlay. Using credit to get the things that we want to have is no longer a new thing because it has been practiced for many years already. Such method is now being applied in purchasing insurance, though most of the people have opted to use it on short-term policies only.

For those who are planning to switch insurance providers usually end up selecting short-term policies to avoid paying the unnecessary cancellation fees. In this manner, the insurer who is receiving a credit purchase will not receive the full payment, which means that both the cost and profit are not realize yet. Most of the states in the US have certain laws to regulate the sales made on credit. The three key areas include the interest amount, the initial down payment and the number of installments required to pay off the credit. So how does this situation will work for you?

If your state allows sales using credit, the most important thing that you should understand is to determine the amount of interest that will be charged to the outstanding balance. For example, a payday loan could reach between 100 and 1000% annual interest. For those who are categorized on a general transactions scale, there is less interference from the government to control the open market. The only philosophy that keeps the playing field healthy is that those who will be charging more will eventually tank first.

The refusal of the lawmakers is mainly because there is the so-called freedom of contract. The idea is simple and that is if you do not like the terms, you do not have to accept it. This idea is also applicable as to how the loans are being carried out. The longer the loan or the money to be paid, the higher the interests will be. To circumvent any future problems, some states require specific term periods such as three, six, or twelve months for the loan to be fully paid. If you are unable to pay within the agreed terms, the insurer can cancel the policy instantly leaving you with no coverage at all, which can be very inconvenient.

It is not only the amount of interest that the state is regulating but also with the amount needed for down payment. Most of the states will require at least two months of advance payments. If you are unsure, you may have to check your local insurance office or commissioner, which should be able to explain to you how the requirements are to be met. Some people may find themselves lucky if their state will not require them to provide a down payment.

Again, the best way to find insurers that are offering such deals is to shop around. It is important to acquire as many quotes as possible and not forgetting to read the fine print for possible terms of credit that an insurance company might be offering. Understand the cost first before accepting the quotation. Lastly, do not accept insurance quotation because it offers the cheapest installments. A better deal will always provide you with your needed protection at a price that you can pay.