Older Drivers behind the Wheel


You have been driving since 18 and undoubtedly, you were a good driver – with squeaky-clean driving record, no major accidents, no speeding tickets, no highway police pullovers – no nothing. And here you are turning 24, you receive a nice birthday present from your insurance provider – your premiums are going down. Well, good for you, but it is a different story for the old folks.

Forty years henceforth, those rates will never be the same again, regardless if you managed to keep those clean records forever. Again, based on the actuarial tables, as people aged their visions will no longer be as sharp as before, the reaction time will significantly increase and the deterioration of the eye-hand coordination is present. Mixing all of them could mean one thing – accident-prone driving.

It sounds unfair, but that is how the insurance industry works. It is a business venture and by the end of the day, the insurance company has to profit or cease their operation. Ah, but what about the experience? Well, at least for now, one company sells its products by focusing on the driver’s experience.  A whopping 90% discount for all senior drivers.

Entering the marketplace

Founded in the 80’s, AXA Group became a global phenomenon in the financial district. Like many transnational companies, it is experiencing tremendous growth and continuing to focus their services to various areas. By offering irresistible senior car insurance discounts, the company is hoping to get a big slice of the “over 40-market” share.

The Internet provides a new battleground for many insurance companies.  You may have used the Internet recently to purchase pizza or acquire getting insurance quotes.  The internet provides endless opportunities for businesses and AXA’s answers the call by setting up interactive website to let people share their experiences and stories on the road.

Old drivers feel the excitement

Up until today, the physical and mental factors are the primary reasons why many insurance companies are imposing high insurance rates for drivers over 40. But, as mentioned earlier, AXA is changing the rules of the game by giving rewards to the most experienced ones.

A 90% discount is hard to resist, for most drivers, when auto insurance is the topic. But the fact that AXA is not an insurance but a financial service company kept us thinking if one can indeed be the jack of all trades. This proverbial question stirred the industry and the drivers if AXA could sustain such offerings.

Only time can tell if this insurance coverage will bring fortune to the company or not. After all, most senior drivers who do not have sustainable income will surely embrace the steep discounts. The company can expect to lose some of their money but if proven otherwise, will force many insurance companies to re-think their policies for the old drivers.

Thanks to the modern facilities in health care, many of our old folks are enjoying a healthy and longer lifespan as compared generations ago. It is expected that this bold move of decreasing the senior premiums will open a new chapter of affordable reasonably-priced premium rates and that many companies are expected to follow the same road to race.