Hunting Down That Elusive High Risk Auto Insurance Policy


Most of us know that to find cheap car insurance is as simple as pie. However, finding cheap car insurance for high-risk drivers is a different story, and oftentimes, can be a bit of a challenge.

It’s normal for insurance companies to slap you with skyrocketing insurance fees, if your name falls into the high-risk category. By that, we mean that you are considered a high-risk driver, and by insuring you or your vehicle is a risk that they’re going to take. Now, in an attempt to cover this perceived cost, your insurance premiums will ultimately suffer, as you will be charged with nothing less, but steeper rates.

This is a lesson learned for those who didn’t seem to care about their road performance, and hopefully for those who are planning to do the same. The consequences of their actions will reflect the cost of their insurance coverage.

However, all of us deserve a second chance, and that includes our “high-risk” drivers. By providing cheaper insurance coverage to high-risk drivers, they are given the opportunity to prove to the insurers, that they can change, and at the same time enjoy lower rates like everyone else.

The only problem is that most people often feel shy or overwhelmed when they are labeled as such. They shy away from interviews or choose not to tell about it altogether. However, this should not be the case if cheaper car insurance is sought after, and one must be prepared to reveal all the details of their driving records to the insurance agents. Keeping it concealed, when applying for an insurance policy will never help anyway.

Even though you may consider the details not important to talk about, it could be your passport to be eligible for special rates and discounts. Another popular notion is that risky drivers tend to face limited opportunities or coverage, which isn’t true and that most offers do not consider the perceived level of risk of the applicant. In fact, both risky and non-risky drivers have the same amount of opportunities to choose from.

Apparently, it’s rather difficult for high-risk drivers to find good opportunities for promos and discounts. However, it’s still possible and knowing some tricks how to find them will surely help anyone. For example, reducing the mileage and increasing the deductibles are known to reduce the insurance cost. It really is as simple as that!

In general, whether you are a risky driver or not, tinkering with your deductible will further lower your premiums. Increasing your deductible to $1,000 from $250 will save you as much as 40% each year. Keep in mind, though, that you must be ready to face future setbacks because you will be using your own money to pay for those uncovered amounts. 

On the other hand, cutting the number of miles you spent on the road is generally favorable. Some insurance providers even give discounts to those who drive 40 miles or less each day. Why not use carpooling or the public transportation services to keep you from any road accidents, and at the same time reduce your mileage consumption.