Getting To Know Insurance Coverage for Senior Drivers


If you are aged between 55 and 75 years old, most insurance companies will consider you as a senior driver. You may be considered as an “old folk,” but you could still enjoy some fringe benefits from this particular type of coverage.

First, being able to qualify to get an insurance coverage for senior drivers is the first benefit. Auto insurance for seniors is relatively low-priced than any other standard insurance coverage. The reason is not about karma but the fact that older drivers, with considerable amount of time spent on the road, are assumed as responsible and safe drivers compared to their younger counterparts. Senior drivers are known for their disciplined behavior, being less aggressive, always use the safer side of the road, and very rarely overtake another vehicle or speeding.

Auto insurance for seniors is viewed as a special consideration for the elder generations. Apparently, this coverage is very useful for senior drivers who are forced to drive their own cars. For instance, our veteran drivers who are now experiencing delayed reflexes, decreased physical abilities, and old age can still go freely from point A to B without having to depend on anybody. This will not only make them happy but also boost their self-confidence towards driving.

Auto insurance for seniors is not hard to find and with the many available options to choose from, it would not be that difficult to purchase one from a local insurance provider.

Another benefit to using this type of coverage is that a senior driver may still qualify for special discounts if he drives less. Majority of the senior drivers now prefer to live in a quiet and secluded environment such as the countryside, hence, they drive less. They rarely drive to busy cities. When this happens, insurance companies will usually offer rebates for not driving too often, which then lessens the chance of road accidents. Driving 10,000 miles or less on an annual basis could qualify for this particular discount.

You are probably asking if people aged 75 and older could still use this type of insurance. Well, there have been studies conducted by various insurance companies, and they have found out that people in this age range are no longer safe to drive. Based on the statistics, insurers can no longer extend discounts, and in fact, are even discouraging the folks to drive vehicles by imposing higher insurance rates.

Senior drivers are not exempted in terms of driving history verifications. Traffic violations, accident claims, pullovers, or any road violations will still be considered during insurance quote computation. A clean driving record would still matter even at this stage and anyone who has worked hard to maintain that kind of record will feel the difference. Remember, the key to cheap insurance premiums is to show to the insurers that you will not be a liability, but an asset to their business. Some insurers are already tagging senior drivers as high-risk drivers, so presenting them with your smeared records won’t yield favorable responses.