Getting the Most of Low Car Insurance Premiums Like Women


Whether we admit it or not, female drivers are the ones who get cheaper insurance rates than that of men. What is the reason behind this? The answers could not be simpler and that is mainly due to their discipline and safe driving behavior. In addition to that, the low incidence of insurance claims filed by women drivers indicates that they are less likely to be involved in road mishaps. If your goal is to get the same premiums women drivers are currently enjoying, follow our simple reminders below.

Don’t Forget to Acquire Insurance Quotes online – We have written several articles about comparison-shopping yet many people still ignore this tip when they buy insurance coverage. The role of the thumb is not to buy the first offer you come across, or you would miss out some of the best deals offered by other insurance companies. What you need to do instead, is to acquire multiple insurance quotes from different providers and only after a careful comparison should you pay for the desired coverage.

Consider Your Car Model – The type of car you are insuring affects the price of the quotes. For instance, sports cars, SUVs and other expensive vehicles usually get higher rates. If you want cheaper premiums, I would suggest picking up a simple car like the four-door sedan.

Practice Safe Driving – The reason why women are enjoying cheaper rates is due to their discipline behind the wheel. As we all know, women seldom commit traffic violations or loose their temper in between traffic jams. Keep in mind that 50% of all the recorded car incidents are partly the fault of the driver. Factors such as your age, place of residence, driving history and credit score will be considered during the computation of your quotes.

Installing Safety Features – If you install safety devices that could prohibit thieves and unscrupulous individuals from stealing your car, chances are your premiums will decrease. You do not have to buy or subscribe to some expensive high tech systems but choose the ones that are cheap, easy to install and effective.

Increasing Your Deductible – Deductible is the amount that you are going to pay yourself when you had an accident. Nearly all insurance providers will scratch off a percentage from your insurance premiums if you increase your deductible to a certain amount. Just keep in mind that this amount will have to come from your own pocket in case of an accident.

If you are really eyeing for the reduced insurance rates that women are enjoying today, it will not be that difficult if you follow the above recommendations to the letter. Although some of the factors that auto insurance companies use to determine your rates will remain as-is such as your age or sex, you could still improve your premiums by making sure that your credit score is high enough, or you are driving records are squeaky clean. 

So with that, you now know why for many years, insurance coverage for women remains relatively lower as compared to their peers. The only thing you need to bear in mind is to practice what the women drivers are doing, and in no time, you become qualified to enjoy the same discounted rates.