Four Unfamiliar Things Your Auto Insurance Covers


Before you sign the dotted line and send your insurance payment, did you check the coverage carefully? Does the policy cover all the important aspects you need in case of accidents? The rule of thumb is not to pay, unless you are quite sure that these things are taken care of properly.

Having said that, many, if not all, insurance companies have already included these services to the policy. However, some insurers offering cheap insurance policies usually exclude some or all of them.

Legal Representation in Court – If the accident will result in a legal suit, you obviously need an attorney to take care of your case. Although both insurance companies will try their best to settle the case, at times, legal interventions may be necessary in resolving the issue.

Should this happen, and assuming that your insurer provides legal assistance; the loyalty of the attorney is still questionable. Keep in mind that he’s not working for you but to the insurance company and may dwarf his intentions of resolving the case in your favor.

Additionally there’s no denying that you and your insurer are on the same line in terms of limiting the liability of the accident. However, the problem starts when there is a rider in the policy that directly contradicts with the current situation. For example, if you are the at-fault driver and the cause of the accident was due to drunk driving, don’t expect the company’s attorney to fight for your side. Naturally, the lawyer will protect his client’s interests, and that is your insurer.

Terrorist Attack – If your car is the victim of a terrorist bomb, you are likely covered. Seriously, if your car suffered damages due to some terrorist plot, your insurance company could help you get back on your feet once again. Often presented as a rider policy, adding grace to their services, which, in reality, is still considered as a low risk and in a remote possibility. Did you know that the chances of getting hit by a lightning is far more likely than having your car bombed by terrorists? All the same, check this with your insurer to see if you are actually covered.

For those who are planning to terrorize their own cars in dire hopes of collecting money from insurance claim, this rider policy only covers the victims of the would-be bombing and never the perpetrators.

Coverage of a Borrowed Car – In the United States, if your car had an accident and you are not the driver, it is still possible to file an insurance claim. Most states would allow this, but to be sure, ask your insurer about it. Again, regardless of who drove the car during the accident, the auto insurance coverage still applies. 

Road Side Assistance – This type of service is usually extended to policyholders having full auto insurance coverage only. If what you have is only a cheap insurance coverage, there is a bigger chance that you will end up paying a tow truck separately. Again, just to be sure, talk to your insurance agent to sort things out.