Five Ways for A Safe and Cheaper Teen Car Insurance


If you are a parent and you worry about your teen driver’s insurance policy, you are certainly not alone. What most parents do is to save as much as they can before the due date comes. Apart from savings, doing the following steps below will surely alleviate most of your worries.

Look For Insurance Discounts – It is still possible to find discounts, even if teenagers are considered as high-risk drivers. Talk to your insurance agent, and don’t hesitate to ask about special discounts or promos, which your teenager driver could avail of. One of the most common discounts extended to teen drivers is that “good grade” discount. Depending on their GPA score, as much as 10% can be scratched off from the final computation. This will encourage students to perform well in school in order to save for student insurance.

Purchase A Used Car For Your Teen – New cars will always require high premiums. How much more if it were to be driven by a teen driver? If you want to save money, buy a used car instead. In addition, it is best to stay away from expensive cars such as sports car or luxury cars to save even more.

Don’t Forget To Shop Around For Insurance Policy – Multitudes of transactions can now be accomplished online, and I see no reason why buying insurance premiums on the Internet is not a good option. Aside from that, it is easier to find insurance companies that specialize in insuring teen drivers rather than visiting their offices one by one.  You will also gain access to the vast amount of information about teen drivers, which are usually unheard of in any conventional methods.

Increased Deductible – Increasing deductibles from $250 to $1000 could save you as much as 40% off the premium price. This is because you will be paying a large portion of the said policy, thus, the reduced price. While this is a proven way to save money, do keep in mind that you will shoulder this amount in case of an accident. Failure to do so can void the entire insurance coverage.

Encourage Your Teen to Enroll on some Driving Programs – Insurance companies appreciate when teen drivers take extra steps for a safe driving experience. This means the skilled drivers will be able to enjoy some benefits not available for those who have not taken any driving lessons. Contact your local agent, and ask for the list of authorized driving schools in your area.

So there you have it, more ways to reduce your teen car insurance premium. Experts are advising parents to solicit their kid’s participation in insurance payments by making them pay part of it. Doing so will teach them the responsibility of a driver and the value of money.  Insurance price is closely related with the level of risk of a person, and unless your kid realizes that his behavior would affect the rates, it will remain all-time high for years to come.