Effective Ways to Pull Down Your Insurance Rates


All policyholders want to reduce their insurance premiums. Without a doubt, insurance coverage is probably the most important investment one could make, but if you are on a shoestring budget, you seriously need to find the right amount of coverage without having to spend a fortune.

Insurance coverage is mandatory to anyone who drives a vehicle. However, many drivers don’t feel its importance and felt that being mandatory is too much to bear with. In turn, they resort to find ways to reduce their expenses, some even dropping their coverage, risking their own lives and others. It’s rather unfortunate to think that many drivers, being obliged to buy insurance, will do everything not to do it or at the very least buy those extremely cheap policies. They did not realize the consequences of driving without insurance coverage and the possible headaches that they will be facing in the future.

The law specifically mandates that all drivers should have a coverage protection in case of an accident. Anyone found guilty would have to face serious fines, tickets, or even jail time. If you do not want to see yourself in this situation, follow the simple rules to lower your car insurance premiums without having to do some stupid things. If you take time to understand and apply them correctly, you will be able to save a lot of money and still enjoy the right amount of coverage that you need. So, below are some of the effective ways to pull down your auto insurance.

Pick an insurance friendly vehicle

When we say insurance friendly vehicle, we mean a vehicle with all the necessary safety equipment or gadgets installed and being considered by auto insurers as a safe vehicle in terms of engine performance, statistics analysis, and so on. It is also advisable that you choose a vehicle that will not become the target of thieves or not too expensive to repair. Insurance experts would advise you to pick the mid-sized sedan car for a cheaper insurance rate. Stay away from the sports car or luxury vehicle if you want to save money.

Inquire all types of discounts that you could qualify

Insurance providers are known to offer a slew of insurance discounts or promos to qualified policyholders. This is their way to reward drivers with low risk levels. One notable type of discount is those extended to drivers with low annual mileage. If you drive less, you will likely to receive this type of discounted rate. Students having high GPA grades could also avail of a good student driver discount as well as those drivers who have maintained clean driving records, will enjoy similar benefits. Also, speak to your insurance agent if they can reduce your insurance rate because you have another insurance coverage with them. If you were on a defensive driving class before, include this information in your application because most insurance providers will gladly reduce your insurance quotations.

Do not forget to shop around before purchasing

You should treat your insurance coverage like any other commodities, which means that in order to find the best rates you need to do some serious shopping. Before you purchase, you must have multiple insurance quotes from different insurers and then find time to compare and contrast their coverage and prices.

No two insurance providers are the same, which is why there are differences when it comes to quotes, even if you have submitted the same type of coverage requirements. This means that if you get an expensive quote from one company, another company could provide you with the same coverage for a reasonable price. Therefore, when looking for auto insurance quotes, make sure that you have reviewed all the possible providers before taking the plunge of purchasing the policy.