Easy Steps to File Auto Insurance Accident Claims


Auto accidents happen to even the most careful people that is why vehicle insurance is a beneficial cover. Accidents on the road are definitely unpleasant and most people dread the paper work involved to file a claim. Filing an auto insurance accident claim does not have to be confusing. This article will elaborate on a few easy steps to file an auto insurance accident claim. 

Exchange Details and Contact the Auto Insurance Company 

The first thing to do after an accident occurs is to make sure that no one is injured. If someone is badly injured then you should call 911. If the person is not badly injured then you can call a local doctor. After that you will need to exchange details with the other person. You will need to exchange insurance information and if needed then personal information. After you have exchanged details with the other person you will need to contact your vehicle insurance company. Since there is usually a time line for informing the insurance company it is always recommended to call them within 12 hours of the accident. 

While you are at the scene of the accident you should find a witness of the accident and exchange personal information with him. If needed then you should take down his statement in writing. Another important thing you should do while you are at the scene of the accident is to file a report with the local law enforcement since insurance companies require a police report for an accident claim. 

Wait to Hear from the Auto Insurance Company 

Your insurance company will call you back within 24 hours and they will take down details of what happened. When the vehicle insurance company contacts you they will ask you what happened in detail so it is important for you to get all the details straight. Before talking to the insurance company you should ensure that your story and the witness’s story is the same. 

File the Claim As Soon As Possible 

After the auto insurance company gets in touch with you the next step is to file the insurance claim. While filing the insurance claim you should keep in mind that if the insurance claim is really small then it is best to pay for the damages yourself. If the insurance claim amount is significant then you should go ahead and file the claim. You should attach all necessary documents with the claim so that your claim is accepted. If you have any questions then you should contact the insurance company. Filing a claim twice is annoying for most people so you should get everything right while filing the first claim.

 Waiting for the Adjuster 

The auto insurance company will send an adjuster to check the damage to your car and then depending on your policy the adjuster will either ask you to take the car to an authorized body repair shop or he will cut out a check for the damaged amount. If you feel that the insurance company is paying less than the damaged amount then first you should calculate the deductible amount. If you still feel that the insurance company is paying lesser than they should then you can file for a dispute.