Drawbacks of applying for auto insurance online


We have all heard the advantages of buying auto insurance online. It’s fast, quick, easy, and will provide you with the opportunity to search all the companies you have in mind for customer service reviews, prices, benefits, bonuses, and promotions. It can be a very useful tool for many people. But what are the disadvantages of applying for auto insurance online? Here is some information for you.

One of the disadvantages is that you are not purchasing face to face with an auto insurance agent. You are receiving computer generated information and not face to face information. This can lead to misconceptions and mistakes.

Many people would rather be face to face when it comes to handling sensitive information and business such as auto insurance policies. Especially, if you belong to the older generation, you may not feel comfortable giving a website all of your personal information without seeing a human face. On the flip side though is that you might actually prefer this because there is no judgment on you, no bias, after all, you’re just a set of numbers and letters online. So, you may feel you aren’t being cheated as much.
Purchasing auto insurance online leaves you more open to buying into a scam. After all it’s easier for people to lie to you and steal your money if they never have to look into your eyes, because you will just be a set of numbers to them.

There are a lot of companies out there that are set up just to scam people, especially senior people, of their money by promising them some great deal or promotion which they never get. Then, when they are in an accident, they find out their insurance is fraudulent and that they have not only lost out on the money they have been paying for their premiums, but they will also have to foot the entire accident bill including the damages.

Repairs, damages, law suits, medical bills, all of it will be yours to pay. You may even wind up with the charge of driving without being properly insured and the other people involved in the accident may take you to court for not being properly insured. You can imagine the grief, time and money spent on lawyer fees.

Another disadvantage of purchasing your auto insurance online is that it will take you ages to read all the information available. There are thousands of auto insurance companies, and the time it will take you to sift through all the customer reviews, policies, fine print, promotions, etc will take you ages. Most people do not have this amount of time or simply do not want to spend this amount of time getting an auto insurance policy. They want it to be as quick and painless as possible.

If you are one of those people, you may just want to choose a company based on what your friends or family have recommended, or maybe even what your co-workers have. This will be quicker, but it might not give you everything you want, it probably isn’t the cheapest way to go, and you won’t get as in depth of a look inside of a company as you want. But if you want to save time, this is the route for you.