Defensive Driving: How It Affects Insurance Premiums


Did you know that in 2009, there were more than 6 million accidents in the United States? With these high rate of accident occurrence one can only imagine how many are happening currently.

There are many reasons why these things happen, with careless driving or drunk driving topping the list. Regardless of the nature of the accident, taking defensive driving lessons seems to offer a better solution to protect, not only the driver himself, but also the passengers and other drivers on the road.

In defensive driving, you will learn how to do things in the right way. Observing proper speed, watching out for sudden acceleration or deceleration from other cars, maintaining safe distance in between vehicles and of course, observing traffic laws. If all drivers would observe these guidelines, there will be fewer accidents and casualties each year.

Undivided attention must be observed at all times when driving. It’s extremely important that you become aware of the things that other drivers do. When sudden changes occur, you can handle them just easily.

We can’t help it but there are just cranky drivers out there. You may have encountered them already and realize just how dangerous they are to be on your side. Thus, it’s important that you become aware of the cars that surround you. On top of that, keep an eye on pedestrians and the side streets. Someone may just cross the road unexpectedly or perhaps a speeding car just around the corner. If you are driving in the countryside, pay attention to crossing animals and obey speed limit rules if you see one.

Whether we admit it or not, but it’s really hard to keep our attention focused on the road.  We tend to wander and think things like laundry, bills, the children, work, school etc… In fact, many people can’t even recall a single landmark after arriving at their destinations. This tendency to digress is extremely dangerous. If you feel that something is bothering you, it’s a lot better to pull over and wait until your mind is clear.

Knowing the severity of this issue, some states are requiring people, particularly those who received tickets for moving violations, to take up safety classes and to pass the succeeding examination. In general, people over the age of 55 are encouraged to take a refresher course. Some of these classes often charge small fees enough to cover the cost of operation.

Seriously, all drivers should take defensive driving at one point in time. This will give them the ample knowledge how to deal and avert fatal accidents. Nothing beats the knowledge about safety precautions and alert the mind to deal with unforeseen circumstances such as skidding down a slippery road. One cannot learn that anywhere, unless you have taken defensive driving classes. On top of that, insurance companies will grant you discounts for taking these extra steps to make your driving experience favorable and safe.  

When you are the driver, you are responsible for the life of your passengers, including yourself. It is only but reasonable to learn how to carry out this duty and to arrive safely.