Coverage types that can offer complete protection to your car


Due to the rising costs these days, people are looking at ways and means to save money in one way or the other. Some have found shortcuts to saving money without realizing the seriousness of such an act. There are a number of uninsured drivers who are driving around illegally in the US. Although drivers need some basic insurance coverage in order to be able to drive around legally. There are a still a huge number of uninsured drivers on the road. Almost all states in the US have a minimum coverage that is mandatory as per state laws. Despite the fact that driving without insurance is risky, there are many who think that purchasing insurance coverage is an unwanted expenditure.

Insurance coverage is mandatory and it is important to take out a policy in your interests. Having adequate coverage will actually help in saving a lot of money in the long run. It is important to note that being involved in a car crash will turn out to be much more expensive than taking out an insurance policy. In the event of being involved in an accident, the hospitalization expenses and replacing your car will turn out to be prohibitively expensive without insurance cover. Added to that, your license will be suspended and you will also end up paying the penalties as well. Instead of trying to avoid taking insurance cover altogether, it will make sense to understand the types of insurance coverage and take out a policy that is best suited for your needs.

Liability coverage – this coverage will help in compensating the losses that you cause to the others. For instance, causing damage to property or the other person’s vehicle, and causing injuries to the others – all this will be covered under this coverage. This coverage will also help pay for legal costs. Since this is such an important coverage most states have made this mandatory and it must be included in the policy you purchase. It would be worthwhile to take this cover even if is not mandatory. The amount of liability cover varies from one state to another.

Collision coverage – this is a standard coverage that is meant for automobiles as well as other forms of transportation where there is a likelihood of hitting a stationary object or colliding with another mode of transport or another vehicle. The collision coverage will take care of the cost of repairing the damaged vehicle. However, it does not cover other related expenses such as medical costs related to the injured driver or the occupants of the vehicles. This coverage only helps in providing limited coverage, minus the deductible as mentioned in the policy.

Comprehensive coverage – this coverage will compensate the damage caused even if the vehicle is totaled or if the vehicle is damaged due to other natural elements such as earthquake, floods, hurricanes, or any other natural phenomenon. It will also cover any other random cause for which a motorist is not responsible. This is not a mandatory coverage, but it would be required in case there is a loan on the vehicle.