Cheap Auto Insurance: What To Do To Find One


When it comes to getting expensive insurance coverage, teen drivers have their own fair share. Apparently, being considered as high-risk drivers could only mean one thing – paying ridiculously high insurance premiums. Still, having such rates are not considered by most insurance companies as a drain to their income, but as a way to neutralize the increasing insurance claims from this particular age group.

If you have a teen driver in your home, finding cheap insurance coverage and having a headache is almost synonymous with each other. For most parents, looking for cheap insurance is like finding a needle in a haystack. It’s going to take you days or even weeks to find a functional one. However, there are ways to get you out from this dilemma.  That is, buying a complete coverage without having to spend a fortune for teen car insurance.

The desire for cheap teen insurance has to start somewhere – not with the insurance companies but the driver. The driver needs to know the responsibilities that must be upheld at all times and not just for the newfound freedom.

Parents looking for reasonable premium rates must make sure that their teenage drivers exercise careful driving and sound decisions when behind the wheel. Responsible driving behaviors not only save lives but also serve as a ticket to get the elusive cheap insurance coverage. This, among others, is the most favored scenario that insurers look into from all drivers alike. The sad news is that only a handful of parents teach their children about responsible driving, because they themselves do not have sufficient knowledge or trainings.

Alternatively, look for companies that allow you to increase the insurance deductible. Since most insurance companies are lenient about deductibles, it won’t be difficult to find one. For those unfamiliar, deductible is the amount that you are going to pay from your own pocket in case of road accidents.

In practice, the higher the amount you are willing to pay (deductible), the lesser the insurance premiums turn out to be. For example, increasing the deductible from $250 to $1,000 could save you as much as 40%. If you have two teen drivers at home, think of how much you save for doing so.

Teen drivers must understand about license restrictions as well. Some states are imposing “graduated driving,” which means that teen drivers are limited to carry any number of passengers and an adult must be present to supervise them driving. It is the duty of the parents to keep these restrictions implemented at all times, or they could face serious penalties. Being pulled over and ticketed for violations is one of the worst incidents that teen drivers should ever do. 

One way to learn responsible driving is to enroll them to a driving school, learn the basics and obtain certification. Most of the time, it is strongly suggested that installing security car devices will help reduce the skyrocketing fees in teen car insurance. Such devices could avert vandalism or theft, which in turn boils down the premiums.

Parents should not forget their responsibilities of teaching their kids how to drive properly. The more hands-on you are to your kids, the better they become. Don’t hesitate to warn or call their attention if you notice silly mistakes.