Car Accident Induced-Coma: Insurers Can Help You


According to our reliable sources, the Coma Recovery Association and auto insurance companies, car accident is the number one reason why people succumb to coma. Each year, more and more people suffer weeks, months or even years of comatose state following a severe accident that might have caused severe injuries to the head or brain.

Unfortunately, most coma victims, as soon as they wake up could not remember anything what had happened to them. In return, no lawsuits are filed against the fault party or if there is, usually a very difficult one to accomplish.

Not all head injuries result to coma but only those times when the brain experiences severe pressure. If brain swelling or herniation were present, the pressure in the brain increases resulting to coma. In severe cases, the victim could suffer persistent vegetative state (PVS), which could rack up the medical expenses to the fullest. Rudimentary functions such as breathing are taken cared of by special apparatus to keep the patient alive. This could last for many months with slim hope for full recovery.

How Accidents Are Investigated

Not everyone who suffers from coma returns home successfully. Many people die with coma after spending months and months of battle with their sustained head injuries following the accident. Construction workers face the same elevated risks for possible severe head collision that could cause severe trauma to the head. If this happen, it is best to contact a lawyer to help you resolve your case.

  • Your lawyer becomes the intermediary between your insurance company and the other party’s insurance company
  • Your lawyer handles the medical bills
  • Your lawyer will hire an investigator which will take pictures of the accident area
  • The investigators will collect evidence and interview witnesses

A family member suffering from coma is a major discomfort to your entire household. What will you do if the coma patient is the breadwinner in the family? Are you ready to face the challenge of rearing your family to get back on its feet? In these stressful times, lawyers can help you alleviate the pain coma has brought in to your family. A good lawyer can represent on your behalf to go into the details with your insurance company.

Most auto insurance companies will be happy to assist you in processing your insurance claims that could help you recover financially and emotionally. Some insurers even extend free counseling services to prepare your family for the forthcoming trials.

Not all insurance companies are created equal and few of them are just too difficult to deal with. The sad truth is that even if it’s your own insurer, dealing with them is pain in the butt. Needless to say, but often times, dealing with the other party’s insurance provider is even more difficult. This situation is a real bummer, adding insult to your already stressed out situation.

So, instead of you making all the effort in resolving the case, contact your insurance company and let them deal with the driver’s insurance company. Companies interact with each other with great speed and could resolve the issues the earliest.