Buckle Up For Affordable Auto Insurance


If you are one of those drivers who are looking for a couple of more ways to pay less on insurance costs, listen up.

We already know that in most states in the United States, being caught for not wearing a seat belt would result to being ticketed or charged with fines, and at the same time, increase insurance premiums.

We may not consider the failure to wear the seat belt as a typical moving violation, but the fact that you have failed to comply with the law means that your insurance provider may consider you as a high-risk driver. It is sad to think that there are still people out there who do not realize the importance of seat belts while driving. Countless of lives were saved because the occupants had been properly strapped in.

When did seat belt start?

As far as we could trace, safety belts were primarily used for aviation purposes. In fact, the use of seat belts predates the invention of the automobiles for about fifty years. In 1830s, the use of seat belts became popular, but it was only in 1964 where it became standard equipment in US produced vehicles. In 1968, backseat passengers got their seat belts finally.

What we are using today is the 3-point seat belt, a Swedish invention, which was introduced in 1958 Volvo. Interestingly, people who are using the Volvo sedans are the ones who are paying the cheapest auto insurance premiums. This is because Volvo is known for its passion for safety products.

Typical consequences of wearing and not wearing seatbelts

There have been many reports on vehicular accidents where the driver and the passengers forgot to wear their seat belts. We have witnessed how gruesome most of these accidents turned out to be, from what we hear over the radio, TV, police reports and insurance claims. In fact, even people wearing seat belts were not spared, how much more if they are not wearing anything. The importance of seat belts has been properly documented as early as 1940s, and with today’s statistics of 40,000 people dying each year due to car accidents, wearing safety belts could prevent half of these casualties.

During its implementation in 1985, there was a strong resistance from various individuals about the seat belts. Apparently, as the years go by, it becomes clear that using one could protect passengers and that the seat belts do save lives. In fact, in the same year alone, almost 40% of the individuals who experienced accidents were saved from serious injuries.

In most states in the US, you could pay a fine between $100 and $300 for not wearing a seatbelt. Additionally, if your insurance company finds out that you are in a habit of not wearing one, it could raise your premium rates in no time.

Having said that, we encourage everybody, especially those who want nothing but cheap auto insurance rates, discounts, or deals, to protect themselves and not forgetting to wear a seat belt at all times and to encourage their passengers to do the same as well.