Auto insurance basics for beginners


People who have purchased a vehicle newly might need to know a couple of things about auto insurance so that they don’t end up paying more for their insurance. Also, it can help them better choose what kind of insurance they might need so that they don’t have to choose an option just because the insurance agent told them to do so. These tips are pretty straightforward and you can make use of them even if you are buying a second car or renewing your auto insurance on an existing vehicle. Many people might think that they know a lot but you might be surprised at how many things you might actually not really be aware of.


This is the aspect of auto insurance that many people don’t pay much attention to, especially if they are averse to the concept of insurance to begin with. While it is true that higher deductibles will entail lower premiums, it is also true that the risks that you take with higher deductibles are also more. Hence, you need to weigh your options and decide as to how much deductible is okay. Getting the right balance is crucial as an incorrect deducible amount might end up costing you dearly later down the line when you make a claim on it.

Comprehensive Coverage

Although not required by the law, it is a feature that your insurance provider might be giving you. You should seriously consider going in for this with your auto insurance as it is possible that you might be able to get a very good amount when you make claims on auto insurance that have comprehensive coverage. With this kind of coverage, there isn’t much the insurance company can use in order to deny any claim that you might have made to fix your vehicle.

Personal Injury Protection

This is the part of the auto insurance that deals with footing the bills that arise in the hospital and even to cover the funeral expenses that might arise due to the collision. This is an amount that you would want to make sure to be decent as the medical bills arising even from a simple collision can be quite high. Hence, most insurance companies that offer this feature have multiple clauses on it. You might want to check it out with the company before requesting it to be a part of your insurance package.

Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Coverage

This refers to the coverage provided for the person to use in case of being involved in an accident with another vehicle that doesn’t have coverage. Clearly, you can’t take risks when on the road and hence, it would help if you have this with your auto insurance. Although not required by law in some states, you might still want to seriously consider it in any case to make sure that you don’t end up paying through the nose for fixing your car due to an accident that was not your fault. In many incidents, this might be the case and you wouldn’t want to end up in such a situation.

While these are the basic terms that are associated with auto insurance, there are a number of other things as well that you might need to be aware of it. Once you have learnt about all of them, you might be in a better position to select the right kind of insurance for your vehicle.