Who is the worse driver, teenagers or senior citizens?


Most people agree that teenagers and senior citizens are involved in a major portion of the fatalities on the road. This is very true; there is no question about that. But the question is which of the two groups constitutes a higher percentage of the deaths on the road? Auto insurance companies need this data in order to calculate the auto insurance premiums.

Senior citizens are bound to have diminished driving skills due to slower neuro-motor coordination. To think and act accordingly requires a lot of coordination between the various parts of a body. Older people will not be able to act in a speed comparable to that of a younger person. The brain cells start dying out at an age of 25 and they are never replenished. This is one of the reasons why students can grasp so much information in school but start faltering when they have to make a transition back to school from the workplace.

But even though older people may not be able to drive as efficiently as a younger person, they are not involved in as many accidents as a teenager. This is because they have the experience and ability to judge which has been picked up over the years. This ensures that they drive within their limits. The only reason that there are more fatalities amongst drivers over the age of 65 compared to a middle aged driver is that they are more susceptible to succumb to injuries sustained. A driver at the age of 65 will be twice as more likely to die than a driver at the age of 55 for the same type of injury. And for a driver at the age of 75, death is four times more likely!

If you are a senior citizen try enrolling for a mature driver improvement course. This course will give you an idea about how your skills are holding up. Some states also have a mandatory medical test clause associated with their auto insurance laws if the driver is above a certain age.

Younger drivers in the age group of 16 to 25 are prone to accidents than any other age group. And almost 50% of all road going fatalities are associated with teenage drivers. The main reason for this can be attributed to the fact that most teenagers are over confident about their nascent driving skills. They tend to be rash and are prone to over speed while behind the wheel. They are also more prone to commit felonies like drinking and driving or driving under the influence of narcotics and other controlled substances.

As a parent it is important to teach them about the rules of the road and also proper conduct that is expected of a driver. If they are out partying, make sure that there is a designated driver to take them home. This is because they will most likely be drunk when they are driving back. And also make sure that the car is properly maintained. A teenager cannot be expected to take care of a car and keep it in pristine condition.

Also enrolling them in a defensive driving course will help hone their skills. This is an advanced course which will make them have better responsibility.