Ways to Avoid Auto Insurance Problems – Auto Theft


Majority of car owners who have auto insurance feel that their car is well protected from auto theft. While this may be true in some cases the fact is that vehicle insurance does not cover for personal belongings that were stolen and it doesn’t cover for all the out of pocket expenses. This article will elaborate on a few ways to avoid the main auto insurance problem that is auto theft. 

Old Cars are also stolen 

If you have an old car that is not being manufactured anymore then you may be under the impression that your car is safe from auto theft. The fact is that new cars are stolen for their worth and old cars are stolen for their parts. Since it is hard to find replacement parts for old cars these cars are stolen and sold to chop shops where the parts are removed and sold. 

Park Safely 

If your neighborhood is known to have auto theft problems then you should consider parking in a garage rather than parking on the road. If you are parking in your own garage then you should shut the garage door every night and you should also lock the garage door from the inside. Many insurance companies do not insure vehicles that are parked on the road in neighborhoods known for criminal activities but even if your application is accepted then chances are that your claim will not be accepted. If you are parking in a community owned garage then you should consider getting additional safety devices like tire locks so that your car cannot be stolen while your car is parked in the community garage. 

Get Extra Protection 

One of the common mistakes car owners make is to assume that the manufacture’s protection device installed in the car is adequate. Car thieves are well aware how to ridge and steal cars that have basic safety features. If you seriously want to protect yourself from auto insurance problems like car theft then you should get a good additional theft alarm. Before buying a car alarm you should compare prices and features so that you get the best product for the least price. 

Don’t Wait After the Crime has been Committed 

If your car has been stolen then you should not wait to contact the police. You should contact the police right away and inform them that your car has been stolen then you should contact your auto insurance company and inform them that your car has been stolen. While contacting the police and the insurance company you will need to give details such as where the car was parked, what time it was stolen and what were the additional items kept in the car when it was stolen. 

Make Sure Your Have the Required Cover 

When you opt for auto insurance you should read the policy carefully and find out if you will be offered a replacement car in the case of an auto theft. A replacement car usually costs a few dollars every year but this feature is very helpful for people who have to travel every day. Opting for a replacement car is easier and more economical than taking the bus every day or taking a cab everyday till you get a new car.