Virginia Auto Insurance Basics


Auto insurance is required by law in just about every state across the country, including Virginia. The reason is simple; if you are involved in a traffic accident, the medical expenses and repair costs for your vehicle could quickly create a financial hardship if you are not fully protected. It is also important to provide restitution to other drivers who are injured or vehicles that are damaged by your car. Because auto insurance is a given today, it is important to understand the basics of coverage in Virginia so you can get the protection you need at a price you can afford.


In addition to requiring auto insurance, many states mandate that drivers carry a minimum amount of certain types of coverage. This is true in Virginia as well, where drivers are required to purchase liability and uninsured motorist coverage. It is very important to know the minimum amounts of these types of coverage that you must carry in this state. You can also add more coverage if you think you need it, although many drivers feel comfortable with the minimum required amount. These requirements are mandated by state law, and drivers caught without the appropriate type of insurance can face stiff penalties.


In addition to the minimum requirements for coverage, some drivers add on additional insurance as well. For example, the minimum requirements in Virginia cover other drivers you might injure or cars you might damage in the event of an accident. Coverage will also protect you and your vehicle if you are hit by another driver who does not have a current insurance policy.

However, the minimum coverage will not protect your car if it is damaged in a traffic accident or through a natural disaster of some sort. It also does not include coverage for the theft of your vehicle. For this reason, some drivers choose to add comprehensive and collision coverage to their insurance policy. For those that have inadequate medical and disability coverage through their employer, personal injury protection might also be a must on their auto insurance policy.


Once you know the type of coverage you need, you can begin shopping for the best price on your specific insurance policy. Most states, including Virginia, have a wide range of insurance companies to choose from, and pricing will vary from company to company and individual to individual. By taking the time to compare rates with a list of companies, you are more likely to find the coverage you want at a price you like.

Car insurance in Virginia can be a complex consideration, but understanding the basics is a start. By learning what type of coverage you need, you can shop insurance companies to find the best price on a policy tailor-made for you.