Unraveling all about auto insurance


The motivation to research your auto insurance

 Most customers “call the number on the screen” like they are told, or take the number off a billboard when buying insurance. Not only does this prove to be very very expensive, it also proves to be a sham in most cases; yes a sham, because your insurance doesn’t really cover you from all possible aspects. What is the use of buying insurance if you’re not covered when you need it; such insurance can be best described as a parachute with a huge gaping hole in the center. 

Now what if you have paid a handsome sum for that parachute, makes it so much worse doesn’t it?

The only consolation of buying a weak product comes from the fact that it was cheap to purchase; this doesn’t hold true for insurance. Most bad insurance plans which are bad in the way that they don’t provide you the cover that you need are anything but cheap products. A recent study conducted shows that the insurance premium of an old car can vary from $800 to $1800 depending on the insurance company in question. The money you save on your insurance premium can always help pay for something you have wanted to buy for a while, maybe a new set of golf clubs, or that handbag you have had your eyes on and not bought to save a few bucks. 


A good insurance plan isn’t necessarily an expensive plan from a big insurance company and can very often be very economical. A good insurance plan is all about cover; it provides you with the cover you need in any situation you may face. Let’s face it, a cheap insurance policy that doesn’t cover you from financial liabilities is a financial liability in itself! 

Go through the different kinds of insurance and see what cover you think you may require. If you drive a relatively new car comprehensive insurance is the way to go; it will protect you from almost any damage that can occur to your vehicle and as its name suggests is the most comprehensive option available to you at this point in time. Liability cover will protect you in the case the accident was your fault and save you from any law suits that may arise out of your mistake. 

Collision cover will protect you in the case the accident was the other driver’s fault and pay for any damages to your vehicle and self. Liability insurance is compulsory for any vehicle on the road, collision and comprehensive insurance can be dropped out if your vehicle is very old or stands no risk of ever being in an accident. Uninsured or underinsured cover is another type of optional auto insurance and can protect you in the event of a collision with a driver who doesn’t have insurance or has inadequate insurance; uninsured or underinsured cover is particularly useful in the event a hit and run incident where you are unable to trace the perpetrator. 

Choosing an auto insurance company 

Request quotes online, each one for the same cover as the others and compare them based on the price the policy is being offered to you at. Make sure to read the fine print and double check that your insurance company is listed and registered with the state at the States insurance department or the DMV before you proceed to buy insurance.