Types of Auto Insurance Coverage For Travel Loving People


There are many different types of auto insurance coverage available. Each of these policies is designed to suit certain needs for people with different driving habits. The coverage and the insurance premiums to be paid monthly also vary accordingly.  While those who commute less in their cars often walk away with bigger discounts on the insurance premium, there are others who use the car extensively as they love hitting the road. There are many aspects of insurance coverage available for such people as well.

Collision Damage Coverage

If you are one of those people who use the car a lot and often hit the road, you are at a very high risk as far as accidents are concerned. There is no denying the fact. Hence a very good idea would be to go for the collision damage and accident auto insurance coverage. Collision damage repairs can be claimed when your car is damaged badly after a collision with any immovable object like a wall, tree or stones. This is quite possible when you are travelling on treacherous terrains and it is good at least for your finances if you have the collision damage coverage.

Vehicle Passenger Coverage

If you are very likely to hit the road every weekend, a good idea would be to go for the vehicle passenger coverage as you are more often than not driving with friends or family members. This insurance coverage provides not only for your medical expenses but also for the medical expenses of all the passengers in the car in the case of a serious accident. The injuries in a car accident could be very grave and hence you need to be careful while driving for long distance. But at the end of the day, some unforeseen accidents are always around the corner especially in fast driving lanes, even due to other drivers’ rashness. You must at least ensure that all the people travelling in your car are medically covered.

Roadside travel assistance

This is one kind of coverage that comes handy more for those people who often use their car to travel to out of station destinations. In roadside travel assistance, you can simply call a hotline number that the insurance company provides you, whenever your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. The chances of an accidental puncture or some other engine problem can never be ruled out and if it happens in no man’s land while driving at night especially, you will be in real crisis. However, roadside travel assistance coverage will ensure that you get someone to help you out there in no time. Not only does it take care of your vehicle’s repair, but you will also be provided emergency transportation to wherever it is that you are headed to. Although this feature will cost you more, you wouldn’t miss important meetings, appointments or deadlines due to unforeseen road incidents.

Towing your vehicle

If your car breaks down in the city, the mechanic will just be around the corner. But if it breaks down on a highway, you might have to spend a lot to tow it to the nearest mechanic. Hence, this coverage will pay for the car towing charges in case of a breakdown or in case of a collision. The car will be towed to the service station so that you don’t have to deal with any of the hassles.