Things Women Drivers Should Known About Auto Insurance


Male drivers often scorn women drivers since they feel that women drivers are not as good at driving as males but auto insurance companies believe otherwise. This article will elaborate on a few things women drivers should be aware of when they purchase auto insurance since knowing these things can help them get better vehicle insurance quotes. 

Safer Drivers 

Vehicle insurance companies consider women as better drivers than men since women get into fewer accidents and they commit fewer violations. Women drivers are considered as safer drivers mainly because they wear their seatbelt at all times and they don’t speed on the road. Auto insurance companies also believe that women drivers also do not drink after driving.  Due to all these reasons women drivers are offered lower premiums than male drivers. Other factors such as your driving record and your age will decide the total amount of premium you pay but women drivers usually pay a lower premium compared to a male driver with the same deciding factors. 

Discounts and Promotions 

Women drivers are not offered more discounts or better promotions than male drivers but women drivers are more likely to opt for these discounts. Depending on your age you may be offered student’s discounts for getting good grades or driving lessons discounts for taking professional driving lessons. Both students and people above the age of 55 are offered discounts if they opt for defensive driving lessons. 

Discounts are also offered to drivers who are part of certain clubs that are tied up with auto insurance companies. These clubs can either be related to vehicles or they can be completely unrelated. Some insurance companies also give discounts to drivers who are non smokers and to drivers who insure all their cars through a single insurance company. If your insurance company insures both cars and houses then you should consider insuring your house and all your cars from the same insurance company since this will make you eligible for a discount. 

Following the Law 

A woman driver’s claims are more likely to be accepted since women are more likely to follow the law and file the claim as per the guidelines. If your claim is not accepted and you feel that it is only because you are a woman then you can file for a dispute. Women drivers are also more likely to wear their seatbelts, maintain lane discipline and install modifications such as air bags, theft alarm or automatic seatbelts. 

Know your State Regulations 

By following the state’s regulations of auto insurance limits and liabilities you are more likely to get a lower premium. While shopping for car insurance you should find out what all liabilities are covered in the policy and what are the additional costs for more liabilities. 

Choose Right

Women are more likely to make better financial decisions than men since women are smarter with money. Before choosing vehicle insurance liabilities you should first examine your requirements and then decide if you need the liability or not. For instance many people opt for the comprehensive or collision cover but they do not realize that old cars do not need to be insured by these two covers since the amount given for old totaled cars is not near the market price and it is actually very low.