The Impact Of Car Color On Auto Insurance Rates


There have always been various urban legends that keep making circles around different groups of people. And these rumors slowly transform into fact. And larger groups of people start believing and propagating this information. There has always been this idea that the color of your car will help decide your auto insurance rates. We shall now see whether this is really true or not.

It is an oft repeated statement that people with red cars are more likely to speed and hence get more citations or get involved in more traffic accidents. It is true that several psychological studies have shown that people who buy red cars are those who are rasher in the head. But such a study cannot be used to determine the auto insurance rates of a potential customer. There are just too many uncertainties associated with the statement for it to be adopted as a policy.

Even the traffic police do not concur with the fact that red cars are likely to commit more traffic offenses. There has not been any reliable pattern that has been established to prove that red colored cars are more likely to over speed or be driven rashly.

Insurance companies do not base your auto insurance rates on the color of your car. They usually make an estimate based on the make, model, and year of the car. They will also take in to consideration your driving record. This is in fact a very important consideration given the fact that it reflects just what sort of a driver you are. There are several other criteria including the distance travelled per week, the number of members in the family, the number of teenagers in the family, the type of safety features on the car, the neighborhood that you live in, and also your age, gender and occupation. But in none of the companies do they consider the color of your car.

But in recent scientific studies carried out by several leading car manufacturers, a relation between color and auto accidents has been established. This is more to do with collision accidents. There are a few colors which are just a little more difficult to detect than other colors. The worst color is obviously black on a dark night. And the best and safest color on a dark night would be tweety yellow. However, these results are not taken into consideration by the insurance companies while deciding your rates. But if you live in a small town with no street lighting or if you travel off the road a lot, consider avoiding black and other dark hues of blue and green in order to avoid accidents.

And lastly do remember that it really does not matter what color your car is as long as you pay attention to your safety on the road. Take adequate precaution and always stay within the speed limit. Over speeding can cost not only your life but also the lives of many others on the road? An accident claim can increase your auto insurance rates by a whole lot and the increase will largely depend on the type of damage and injury sustained or in other words the cost to the auto insurance company.