The Benefits Of Drivers Education While Buying Auto Insurance


Drivers Education has a lot of benefits for a person who wishes to apply for a license, a person who pays a high premium on his insurance policy or even a teen ager or a senior who pays a sky high premium based on their age. If you fall under any of these categories, or know anyone else who does, please advise them to take the course, you may even help them to get it started if they are diffident. 

What is Driver’s Ed? 

Drivers Ed. or Drivers Education is a series of educational programs run by government authorities, as well as private entities. Today the course is not only beneficial but also compulsory. A driver can take the course at various DMV’s and other public offices, however the most popular method to take the course is online. To sign up for the course all you need to do is sign up for an account on the website; the sign up process is quite simple and doesn’t require any technical skills, all you need is a computer with a functioning internet connection. The course is split up into parts, which in turn have sub topics. The course can be completed as per the student’s convenience, and previous progress can be saved. The course covers basic scenarios and tells the student how it should be handled correctly. It is common to have a set of questions to answer at the end of each part; this mock test serves as a revision of what you have just learnt. 

The exam is simple and comprises of multiple choice questions. If at all you do not do well in your exam, you may re-take it as many times as you’d like. Upon successful completion of your exam, you will be informed that your marks have been noted and you need not take the test again. A certificate will be mailed to you within the next few days; this certificate will act as a mark sheet of sorts and provide the DMV evidence that you have successfully completed the course. There are absolutely no fees for taking the course, or having the certificate mailed to you.  

The benefits of Drivers Ed 

A person who has a bad driving record is bound to attract much higher insurance premiums, as is a young driver who is not experienced on the road and may not know how to avoid a crash, as is a senior whose reflexes are not as good as they once used to be and may not be able to react fast enough to avoid an accident. For an insurance company, a person who is at a higher risk of meeting with an accident needs to pay a higher premium to level the playing field. 

When an insurance company comes across a person who has completed the course they understand that the person may be a high risk customer, but they are trying to improve their driving style and their driver’s record. This translates into a lower risk for the insurance company as a person who is being careful about his record and trying to be safer on the road is far less likely to be involved in a road accident.

Once informed, you insurance company will make provisions for you to draw a lower interest rate, or qualify for a discount based on your certificate and their terms and conditions.