Texas Auto Insurance Basics


Car insurance is required by every state with the only difference being the amount of coverage required in each area. The main purpose of automobile insurance is to protect you and your family in case of an accident that you may have caused or been involved in as a result of someone else’s negligence.

The state of Texas requires their drivers to purchase the minimum amount of liability coverage while driving on the highways and byways in Texas. Other forms of coverage are also available and may be beneficial to protect you and your family even farther.

If you still have an outstanding loan on your vehicle the lending company requires that you maintain adequate coverage for the vehicle until it is paid in full. If you do not provide proof of this insurance, the lending company will put an insurance policy in place and charge you for it in addition to your monthly car payment. The lender is not going to shop around for the lowest prices for you so make sure you maintain this coverage and are able to provide proof to the lender.

The limit on bodily injury is the most that your insurance company will pay out if you were to cause bodily harm to someone or even death from the effects of an accident. The property damage limit is the most that your insurance company will pay for damages to another person’s car or property through an accident that you are responsible for.

There are many factors that come into play when an insurance company is determining the cost of your policy. The state that you live in, your age, driving record, and even where you park your car at night all has a bearing on what you are going to have to pay for your car insurance.

Make sure that you check with your insurance professional about any discounts that may be available for being a safe driver, or completing an approved drivers education class or even just for being a loyal customer for the past three years.

There are so many different areas of coverage that can be affected by some small precautionary measures on your part. Anti-theft alarm systems, anti lock brakes and passenger side airbags all contribute to the safety of your vehicle.

You should go over your current car insurance policy with a professional agent who can show you where you will get the most effective coverage for your insurance premiums. You need to customize your policy for your specific needs – one policy does not fit all.