Surviving a car crash and filing auto insurance claims


It is always traumatic to be involved in an accident. But it is especially traumatic to be involved in a very serious car accident. Only few escape unscathed, a majority aren’t so lucky. If you’ve been involved in such an accident and escaped without a bruise, thank your stars. But your vehicle wasn’t as lucky as you. That brand new SUV you’ve just bought has been reduced to the size of a Mini Cooper.

The bonnet’s folded over like a paper fan; you can barely recognize the interiors of the vehicle. A million questions swirl through your mind- How did survive it? What’s going to happen to the car? What should i do next? Will my insurance company compensate me? Calm down. If ever you catch yourself in such an unfortunate situation, don’t panic; read these steps now to be prepared.

Read through your policy papers from time to time

People have a general idea about the kind of coverage they have- collision, comprehensive and liability for example. However when it comes to the finer details, almost no one knows what it means. These are terms that may seem alien at the time, but when the insurer’s time to shell out cash comes, these terms are used all too often and the client has no idea what he’s dealing with.

So before the insurer has to get the money out to pay those big repair and replacement bills, it is advised that clients sit with the auto insurance agent and ask all the questions they have, in order to really comprehend what that finer print really means. It is best you do this before any sort of accident occurs, right at the start when you buy your policy. In this way you will be able to decipher the jargon that will come up when you file a claim. Besides, agents are nicer to talk to when they’re not processing your claim.

If however an accident has already occurred, don’t panic, just go ahead and talk to the agent anyway, and tell him all the things you don’t understand.

Moving on

An accident doesn’t have to immobilize you; you can rent a car and get going with life. Renting a car and driving it will reduce the stress you have; you won’t have to depend on friends and relatives for a ride. The car will also help you get to work, and also to those meetings with the insurer. Consult your insurance agent though before you rent a car. You may be liable for collision damages to the car that is rented as well.

Know your rights

All states are concerned about the wellbeing of their citizens, and strive to see that they aren’t cheated. Visit the state’s website and search for any information regarding the fair settlement of auto insurance claims. In this way you can ascertain you won’t be shortchanged.

Know the worth of your car

The actual cash value of your vehicle is determined by the insurance claim adjustor; however, there is no law that says you can’t search for it either. Know the exact value of your car with appraising tools available on the internet.

Fairly evaluate the damages

While the insurer is assessing the damages done to your vehicle, be present to point out any small detail that could have been missed. This is the only way you can get a fair settlement.