Repercussions of driving without a valid auto insurance policy


Driving without auto insurance is a very irresponsible thing to do. It is not only against the law in all states across the United States of America, it is also extremely unsafe.

The government enforces auto insurance on all road going vehicles in order to ensure that the driver is financially responsible for his actions. In the absence of auto insurance, vehicles can run amuck and cause disaster on the road. The driver needs to be penalized for his or her actions on the road. Or else there will be no accountability for what happens on the road.

A person can claim that he or she has sufficient financial backing to pay for damages in case of a road accident, but existence of finances is not proof of intent to expend with it. And in the absence of an insurance policy, a person can be driven to bankruptcy trying to pay for damages incurred in an accident.

But there are mechanisms in a few states for people with sufficient financial backing and/or a large fleet of vehicles. The DMV or department of motor vehicles accepts a large deposit in absence of an insurance policy. The benefit of such a deposit is that you need not pay a periodic premium to your insurance company. It will definitely work out cheaper in the long run, but for all practical purposes the amount will be beyond the affordability of a middle class citizen. Ownership of a fleet of vehicles will also aid in avoiding an insurance policy. Instead you can opt for a deposit which you can reclaim after you expend with your vehicle.

In all other cases, the DMV will track and ensure that all vehicles and associated drivers are insured. In a family, all members are attached to all the vehicles owned by the family. This is as long as the members reside under the same roof. And when a teenager becomes of age, that is sixteen; he or she is automatically added to the insurance policy as soon as his or her driving license is made. You cannot argue that the said teenager is not going to drive even though he or she has a driving license.

If you do not have an insurance policy for a period exceeding a year, your vehicle will be blacklisted immediately. The DMV keeps in touch with all insurance companies and gets a periodic report from each of them stating which vehicles have stopped renewing their insurance policy. And in order to renew it after your vehicle has been blacklisted; you will first need to get a no objection certificate from the DMV. And you will have to pay a large sum to get this done.

In instances where your vehicle is not being used, there are other types of insurance that you can get. These will cover you from theft, acts of vandalism and even events like a branch falling on your car. It is important that you keep your insurance renewed under all circumstances in any case.

An insurance policy is not just about adhering to the law. It is about making yourself financially indemnified to acts beyond your control. An insurance policy gives you the freedom of mind to pursue your full measure of happiness. It makes sure you have a financial blanket to fall upon in case of adversity.