Protect yourself from Auto insurance fraud today!


When getting insurance cover 

Never entertain calls or quotes from unsolicited insurance brokers; they might not even be calling from where they say they are. If the company which gives you the quote provides you with a suspiciously lower quote as compared to other companies which seems too good to be true, it most likely is. If you are being offered a good deal by a company that you haven’t heard of or is a new entrant into the auto insurance market be wary and check with your states insurance department and your DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles if the company is registered and has any trials of cases of fraud against them.; if the company and agent aren’t licensed its best to let them go and buy insurance from a well established company.

The Better business bureau allows consumers to check up on financial institutions on their website and you can verify if your auto insurance company is legitimate or not. If the insurance company owns or operates repair shops you will be mandated to get your repairs done at their shops and needless to say the rate will definitely be higher than the normal market rate. Never disclose your insurance identification number anyone who gets it can misuse it in a financial racket without you finding out till it’s too late. 

While using a motor vehicle

Staged accidents are pre arranged accidents and everything is pre planned, you are made the victim in such a scenario by forcing you to collide with the other vehicle. If a car pulls up right in front of you and doesn’t allow you to keep a safe distance between your and his or her car be wary. If you notice any suspicious behavior being displayed by the driver of another vehicle don’t take it lightly and be awry, what seems as erratic driving can land you in a lawsuit if you’re not careful. Always keep a camera on you, either a full fledged camera or a phone camera or even a disposable camera; evidence you catch on camera can be the difference between a troubling lawsuit and your freedom from one. 

After a crash 

The time you need to be most vigilant is immediately after the crash, this is a time when most insurance fraud happens. Exchange information with the other driver, note down the drivers license number, registration number, and proof of insurance, take photographs of all documents including all the damage caused to both cars, include photos of people regardless of if they are injured or not. Make a not of all the passengers and take down their names and addresses. Call the police over and ask for a report to be filled out and read what’s being written in the report; get the officers name for your reference. Speak to people around who could have witnessed the accident and take down their contact details if possible; although be wary of anyone who suggests an attorney to you. Never accept a cash settlement from the other driver, and collect bills as proof of transaction for all expenses involved. Be wary of tow truck drivers and assistants who offer to refer you to a repair shop they know, there is always an ulterior motive. Always fill out your insurance claim yourself and sign it only once completed.