Picking the best auto insurance coverage in the market today


Irregardless of what you are looking for there are always the few companies who are the best in the business. These corporate giants define and quite literally runt he market; but how do you pick one from another?

The same dilemma holds true for auto insurance too where customers are confused as to which company they should go for. Here is a short comparison of the best in the business to help you decide.

Esurance is one of the biggest players in the market and a very popular choice among private motorists. Esurance believes in e-business and operates online, the signup process is super easy and requires no technical skills what so ever. If you can check your email you can sign up at their site, it’s that simple. Sign up, make the payment and presto you can download your policy and print it. A benefit of online operations translates into savings for the company and thus the customers. Esurance boasts of some of the lowest premiums in the market. With their hassle free system you no longer need to worry about remembering at 2 in the morning that your insurance policy ran out and you need to use the car tomorrow.

Allstate has built a name for themselves over the years and offers great customer service and customization to your policy. Agents are specifically trained to critique your existing policy and custom build one that suits your needs.

Geico is a popular player in the market thanks to their innovative and widespread marketing. The Geico commercials on TV have a reputation of their own! Geico had gained immense popularity as a provider who used to save you money, however of late many people have been changing from Geico to other providers to save money on premiums.

21st Century insurance specializes in a customer friendly environment where you are treated as family and not a customer. You can avail of friendly advice on how to save on your premiums and maximize protection.

Progressive also sports popular commercials; however what they are best known for is directly comparing their offer with offers from their competitors to help you get the best deal! This confidence has helped them grow to great heights in the market. Customers are exceptionally taken up with their attitude that doesn’t try to push you to buy their service, but instead show you which company is truly the best.

Nationwide has been offering the lowest rates in the market for a while now, a strategy which is quickly pushing them up the steep ladder of popularity.

Liberty mutual survives on the principles of affordability and customer service.

American family is a smaller insurance company but has been recording impressive growth in the recent past. This is certainly a company you should consider, they might be less popular but they more than make up in goodwill generated with thousands of happy customers.

All said and done no one can tell you who the best insurance provider out there is, there is no such thing. What might be the best provider based on your needs might be the worst for me; pick an insurance company based on what you need them to do. So get down to business and start requesting quotes based on what you have just read. If all you are looking for are reduced premiums be sure to check out Nationwide and Esurance.