Know more about availing student car insurance


The life of a student in today’s times is very different. Students, today, drive to school and that too with their own cars. With the demand for quality education skyrocketing, many students find themselves in a situation where t hey have  to travel far and wide to study in esteemed universities, and so the need to own and drive an automobile is intensified. All students will agree that attaining that degree is no easy task, and is definitely not easy on the wallet either. There are projects to do, assignments to complete, excursions to go to, fees that need to be paid, in addition to the need for daily allowance. Thus the need for cheap student car insurance is strongly felt amongst youth.

As a young driver, do not make the mistake of not paying the bills you can’t, paying just those you can, and then waiting for lower premium rates to come up so that you can finally settle those outstanding payments. There is a way out of this problem though, since it is of common knowledge that students and young drivers get higher rates for their insurance premiums, do to their inexperience.

The cardinal rule when saving on auto insurance is picking up a simple and sturdy vehicle.  A flashy sports car might get you all the attention you want, but the feeling of satisfaction will soon be thwarted by knowing the amount you’ll have to pay just to get coverage. Also such flashy cars are more prone to theft, which is why they cost more to insure. A simple yet sturdy vehicle does not come with these complications and is your best bet as a student.

As a student, you will also have to study what different companies have to offer. Many youngsters feel the need to be overprotective of their vehicles, and thus end up with wrong policies that are laden with extra frills that you as a student will not need. Do not be overwhelmed by what various companies have to offer; each company will have a host of exciting offers and packages in order to compete with the others. It is up to you to stick to the basics, and get a deal that will suit your basic requirements. Also, do not be swayed by what the salesman at the company tells you. Very few salesmen are honest enough to tell you that you don’t need a certain thingy on your policy; a majority will try and lure you into signing up for a really expensive policy. It isn’t really their fault; they work on a commission basis.

Lastly, installing devices such as a GPS, which can effectively track if you’re speeding, can also cut down on your costs. Other security gadgets like safety alarms, tracking devices, seat belts that are reinforced, as well as air bags can greatly cut down costs. Auto insurance companies compute the risks involved with insuring any vehicle, and a vehicle installed with such devices will be identified as low risk, and thus will be insured at a lower premium. As a youngster, installing these devices will also be beneficial to you, because they just could save your life. It is known that youngsters commonly engage in speeding, and then over-correcting, and a combination of both can be absolutely fatal. Such devices installed in your care will help you stay safe.