Kansas Auto Insurance Basics


In Kansas State, the insurance industry is regulated by the Kansas Insurance Commissioner. The current Insurance Commissioner is Sandy Praeger. She is maintaining a website, http://www.ksinsurance.org/consumers/autoinfo.htm, to help the drivers in the state about all insurance related matters. Certain auto insurance basics related to that state are presented here for your knowledge.

When you apply for auto insurance, the insurance company takes two factors into account. They are underwriting and rating. When the insurance company considers your auto insurance application, it would consider several factors related to you and your driving habits. The insurance company could either accept or reject your application. If the company approves your requests for insurance coverage, it would offer you a premium quote. The quote would be based on your driving history, the geographic area that you live and drive around, the make and model of your car, the average distance that you would drive everyday, your age, gender, and your previous insurance coverage record.

Based on the above factors, the insurance company would place you in one of the three categories, which are decided on the amount of risk that the insurance company perceives about you. They are termed as preferred, standard, and non-standard in the insurance industry. The drivers placed in the preferred category are considered as best risks or as safest drivers. Persons with clean driving histories over the past 3 to 5 years are included in this category and they would be presented with the lowest auto insurance premium rates.

Persons driving family-type cars and have a relatively clean driving history but having minor of traffic violation or accident records are considered by the insurance company as standard drivers with moderate risk. The auto insurance rates offered to them would be higher than those offered to preferred drivers.

Drivers categorized under non-standard are considered as high risk drivers by insurance companies. Persons under the age of 25, persons with very less driving experience, drivers with considerable traffic tickets and accidents history, drivers with poor or bad premium payment record, drivers with reckless driving record, and drivers with drunk driving history are included in this category. The auto insurance premium offered to them would be quite steep.

When you buy auto insurance coverage, you should remember that you might need to take several types of coverages for full protection against any eventuality. The cheapest deal would never be the best deal. The best insurance policy is identifying the right type of coverages, the most competitive price, and quality of service from the insurance company. You should provide true and correct information to the insurance company. Compare prices from different insurance companies, since they would offer various options and deductibles for auto insurance. Be patient in understanding the different offers and their implications. This is very important in comprehending the auto insurance basics and would help you in getting the best auto insurance policy coverage deal. Present your strengths to the insurance company and conduct a hard bargain. You would be surprised that you could save hundreds of dollars a year through this process.