Important Things to Do when Filing a Car Insurance Claim


Having trouble regarding how to do an auto insurance claim? This is something no one ever wants to do. This would mean that your car needs to repair or replaced. Getting into accident can surely be stressful. The following steps below will help you go through the process of filing an insurance claim.

The very first step you should do is to think carefully if you really need to file a claim.  It is risky to file a claim, even if it is not your fault or when your car is stolen.  This is because your company will still see you have more risks, and they will raise your rates when you file a claim.

Remember also that whenever your car has a minor damage, it is not worth filing a claim. You just pay the deductible. It will not increase your premium.

Second step is to call your auto insurance company and inform about the accident or theft. The quicker you start the claim process, the sooner your car will be repaired or replaced. It is important that you notify your company even if it is not your fault. They will serve as your advocate. They are responsible for dealing with the other driver’s provider on your behalf. They will ensure that you are treated fairly.

Aside from alerting your insurer, call the police immediately. The sooner they begin investigating, the better chances you have of getting your car back. Making police report is a necessary when you plan to file a claim.

Do this third step which is to maintain good records. You will get the full protection from your auto insurance coverage if you are able to record the damage to all vehicles involved. Exchange contact information with every person involved in the accident. Ask them about their driver’s insurance card, and simply copy the information from it. The more information you have about the mishap and those involved, the better protected you will be.

Fourth step to do is filling out and return paperwork promptly.  Auto insurances claims require you to fill forms. Answer them completely and honestly as possible.

As a fifth step, you should seek advice from a car accident lawyer to decide if the settlement amount you have in mind is a reasonable amount based on the facts and documentation.  Write also a letter to your insurer to support the value you have placed on your claim. You will include additional documentation not previously provided.

The last thing to do when filing a claim is to prepare your car for repair. Your company will lead you to local body shops and mechanics.  Getting in touch with these recommended repair shops will speed the claim process.

If you have the best auto insurance, do not panic. The company you trust will also assist you in securing your provision in your policy for a rental car. If the other driver is at fault, their policy will cover the cost until your car is repaired.

Following these steps is necessary. It will help you to have a successful insurance claim.