How to protect yourself from Auto Insurance Fraud


It is absolutely necessary that all drivers be informed, lest they be part of a fraudulent car insurance accident scam. Fraudulent car insurance scams operate everywhere, either as sophisticated crime rings, or in the form of individuals. Whatever the case may be, it is a dangerous affair, and one must be fully aware of the seriousness of the situation at hand. 

Scam artists employ a variety of methods- a vehicle stopping in front of yours, deliberately, so that your car slams into the rear-end of the car in front of you, is just one of the tricks they can play.

Keeping yourself abreast could help you avoid being embroiled in a fraudulent car insurance accident claim, and may also save you your life. Do not be surprised if a person who is generally regarded as trustworthy, such as a lawyer, or doctor is involved in the scam. 

Read on to find out some common scams that you can be aware of. 

Damage addition 

The scamming driver usually after an accident, be it staged or otherwise, goes to secluded location and adds even more damage to the vehicle, and will thereafter claim that those damages all took place during the accident itself. 

Fraudulent helpers 

Beware of people who may wave you into traffic, for they may be fake helpers. If you do indeed move as he directs, the scam helper may crash into your vehicle. These fake helpers usually operate in groups, and a number of people may be involved, such an doctors, the auto repair guy, a lawyer; each one in it for the money. 

The fake rear end car mishap 

This is probably one of the oldest and most used scams, where the scam driver may suddenly cut ahead of you in traffic and then hit the brakes, so that your car slams into the rear end of his vehicle. The scam driver may also fake injuries, so be especially aware, else he won’t be collecting money for the damages caused to the vehicle and you’ll be footing his medical bill as well. 

There is no guarantee as to when or where such a fraudulent accident can take place, but it is of utmost importance that you be level headed, and also prepared. While driving, leave a large gap in front of your vehicle. Always keep an eye out for suspicious persons who may be examining you while you drive, or who may be following your movements. 

Always keep a disposable camera in the dashboard of your car to record damage done to both the vehicles, if in case you do actually meet with an accident. Also keep a pen and pad of paper ready in your dashboard; take detailed notes about the other vehicle involved in the accident. If you are suspicious about such person operating in your locality, then do be sure to inform the police. If you suspect that the person you have met with an accident with is a scam artist, talk to your insurance agency. Ken Dornstein, in his book titled Accidentally, on Purpose: The Making of a Personal Injury Underworld in America’, has very well illustrated the degree of complexity of the operations of crime rings that indulge in car insurance fraud. The author himself worked for an insurance company that investigated such fraudulent cases, and the book makes for a good read.